Orientation kicks off Summer 2015


Originally meant to be held outside of Pottle, the final session for orientation before attendees registered for classes was held along the Student Union mall breezeway. Orientation leaders preformed a flash mob at the end of the session.

The Lion’s Roar / Tamara Alexander

The transition from the life you have known while living with your parents and being surrounded by the same people for 12 years, to moving to college where you meet new faces every day and have new found independence and responsibility, can be overwhelming.

New places, faces and routines arrive. Southeastern recognizes this period in life can be scary, so to make things easier for incoming freshmen, they began their summer orientation program series.

“It’s an incredible experience to be the first face a student sees when visiting Southeastern. If I can brighten one person’s day, it’s all been worth it,” said orientation leader Alexis Durante, a sophomore English major.

The orientation program offers future students a jump on their transition to life here at Southeastern. Attendees are assigned to groups, with each having their own orientation leader. Orientation leaders are current Southeastern students, from sophomores to seniors, and each has a passion for the university.

“I remember my orientation and how much fun I had. My orientation leaders had so much spirit for Southeastern and they really inspired me. I wanted to be just like them,” said orientation leader Kayla Scurich, a senior in family consumer sciences.

Throughout orientation, campus policies and procedures are discussed, students meet with faculty advisors and they register for classes; among the list of scheduled events were spirit competitions, outdoor barbecues and orientations after hours, a time when participants could listen to music, dance, eat to their heart’s desire and other fun things.

Orientation is also a time for incoming students to meet others and begin networking, forming friendships with others. Cameron Neeley and Landon Magee were both a part of the purple group in this past week’s session of orientation.

Neeley is the first in his family to attend Southeastern. He is originally from Metairie, where he attended Archbishop Rummel High School. Throughout high school he played football and it was during his time there that his passion for history sparked. It was in his junior and senior year that he began to consider the possibility of a career in the field.

“History was very easy for me, it is just like reading a story,” said Neeley.

Neeley plans on majoring in history and anthropology. While he enjoyed high school, he is ready to move into his dorm room and start college.

“I’m excited for the whole experience, but a little nervous about how to handle all the new responsibility,” said Neeley.

Likewise, Magee also looks forward to the upcoming fall semester. Coming from Franklinton, Magee plans on earning a degree in graphic design.

While attending Franklinton High School, Magee excelled in both math and art. He was in the school’s art classes all four years of high school.

Like Neeley, Magee will also be living on-campus. Magee admits he is apprehensive about getting a roommate and living with someone he doesn’t know.

“I don’t want a random person, hopefully I will room with someone I know,” said Magee.

When arriving to Southeastern, another incoming freshman, Lauren Browning, fell immediately in love with the campus.

“I wasn’t expecting it to be so modern and incredibly clean. You hear about this your whole life, how you will be more independent, and it is slightly terrifying,” said Browning.

Browning is from Baton Rouge and will be majoring in elementary education. With her friends Morgan Talley and Madison Mckeanzi, orientation was an enjoyable experience.

“It has been crazy and a lot of fun,” said Browning.