Parking do’s and don’t’s


– Do put your parking hang-tag in the correct position (from the inside rear-view mirror with the tag number facing outward). 

– Do check the zone you park in to make sure it is the same zone your hang-tag specifies.

– Do check the designated overflow areas if your orignal parking lot is full. Overflow parking lots are generally specified according to zone.

– Do park anywhere after 5 p.m. (this does not include Southeastern Oaks, Greek Village and handicap spaces).

– Do not park in a zone that does not match the zone specified on your hang-tag (check the parking map for more clarification on the zones).



– Do not park in the Southeastern Oaks and Greek Village parking lot unless you are a resident (even after school hours).

– Do not park backwards into a parking space.

– Do not swap parking hang-tags.

– Do not get more than five tickets, unpaid or paid (your car will be placed on probation if so).