How do you park?


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Classification and residency determine where someone with the proper hang tag can park on campus.

Jacob Summerville, Staff Reporter

Available parking locations during the school day vary depending on a student’s residency and classification.

Freshman commuters can only park around the University Center, the lot east of the North Campus Main Building, and the large lot south of the Sustainability Center with the exception of the Southeast Lot of the University Center.

Upperclass commuters have several areas around campus where they can park with a valid parking pass. Zones four, five and six have overflow areas for residential students but also serve as parking for upperclass commuters.

A resident’s parking pass has a number that represents the zone that the resident can park in without getting a ticket. Residents of Taylor, Livingston, Pride and Louisiana Hall can park in zone five, and Hammond and Tangipahoa Hall residents can park in zone four. Residents in the new halls, Ascension and Twelve Oaks Hall, can use zone seven.

After 4 p.m. on weekdays, 12 p.m. on Fridays and weekends or days when university classes are not in session, designated parking is canceled with the exception of residential zones. This means students can park anywhere on campus without running the risk of receiving a parking citation, except for residential zones. However, if a student parks in an area that does not correlate to their zone or commuter area outside of these times, a student may receive a citation.

Parking fines can be paid on a student’s LEONet account or at the university’s Controller’s Office located on North Campus. Some common parking citations include: $25 for parking backwards into a space, $25 for having no hang tag displayed, $25 for having improper display of a parking hang tag, $50 for parking in the wrong lot or section, $100 for immobilization, which is a boot put on a car and results from receiving multiple citations, defacing or altering a hang tag or decal, illegally parking in a designated handicapped space, blocking another vehicle or access area, vehicles previously barred from campus, or the transferring of a parking decal from one vehicle to another. Illegally parking in a handicapped space will also result in a $275 fine.

Visitors on campus can go by the University Parking Office in Pride Hall to receive a temporary parking pass. If a visitor receives a citation, they can go to the Parking Office to have the fine lifted.