Organization of high achievers

Prakriti Adhikari, Staff Reporter

The National Society of Collegiate Scholars is an honor society on campus that recognizes and elevates high achievers. 

President of NSCS Whitney Bourdier, a freshman marketing major, explained how the honor society stands out from the crowd.

“It’s an honor society that not only takes care of you with scholarships, grants and internship opportunities as a student, but NSCS takes care of its members for life with job opportunities, travel discounts, grad school resources and more,” said Bourdier. “Unlike other honor societies, once you join, you won’t be kicked out even if your GPA drops, and there is no requirement for participation.”

Bourdier discussed the organization’s goal.

Bourdier said, “It’s a very understanding organization whose primary goal is not only to make a difference in the life of its members but in the life of others to ensure they are prepared for the challenges ahead whether that be academically, financially or for impacting causes in the chapter’s local community.”

The organization has been on campus for a long time. However, since 2001, the organization decreased in activity until its disbandment in fall 2017. According to Bourdier, the club came to an end last year. The current board members were handpicked for this semester by the national office of NSCS.

The current goal for the organization is to be known more on campus through various events and to increase the number of members. The majority of planned events are open to the public.

Bourdier feels students should join the organization as they will learn to achieve higher goals by being around intelligent students.

“Students should join this club because not only will it look great on your resume, but it also gives you the freedom of not being forced to dedicate a certain amount of time to the organization,” said Bourdier. “Students will be around like-minded individuals that are ambitious, intelligent and hard working. If you’re interested in starting a business later on or just want to do networking for the future, this organization is a perfect place to start due to the pool of people.”

The board members have planned events for the year including a leadership seminar, a career building workshop, a drive-in movie, Disney karaoke, a sign language class, children wards hospital visits, monthly virtual community readings to children, a balloon auction and shadowing a professional in the field. Bourdier requested that students keep an eye on the organization’s Facebook page to know more about the upcoming events.

Students with a GPA of 3.4 or higher are sent an invitation to join the honor organization. They must be first- or second-year students. The membership fee is $95 and is for a lifetime.

Bourdier encourages students to attend the organization’s events. 

“We would love to have you around,” said Bourdier. “Even if you don’t make the requirements, depending on your involvement, you could become an honorary member and be highlighted in our induction ceremony where you would receive a trophy, which would in turn make you an honorary member.”