A day in the life of Jenna Licciardi


Zachary Araki

When Jenna Licciardi, a senior marketing major, manages to find free time in her schedule, she enjoys watching horror movies or painting.

Zachary Araki, A&E Editor

President of the Beta Epsilon Chapter of Theta Phi Alpha Jenna Licciardi, a senior marketing major, looks out for more than her studies on any given day.

“Unlike the majority of people my age, instead of waking up and checking social media, I check my emails,” said Licciardi. “I am constantly in contact with local and national officers, Southeastern officials and other organizations on campus. After that, I check in with my executive board and make sure everything is running well on their end.”

In addition to her sorority and studies, Licciardi manages the social media accounts and website at her job. To help manage her responsibilities, Licciardi keeps a physical planner as well as one on her phone, or delegates Greek-related tasks to her sisters.

“I’m the type of person that really enjoys multitasking,” said Licciardi. “I make time for things and have a mental ‘to-do’ list. I like getting everything done way ahead of time. I am on an honor scholarship from Southeastern, so I have to keep my studies up.”

Licciardi discussed what she finds most challenging about the position of president.

“It’s hard sometimes to be a fun sister and an enforcer,” said Licciardi. “It’s also always scary the amount of pressure and responsibility I have if something happens to one of my sisters. My sisters are responsible, so I almost never have to worry about them being in trouble.”

Licciardi shared her method for managing stress.

“I have a handful of videos that I watch that put me back in a positive mindset,” said Licciardi. “I also have letters that I will reread that sisters write to me. I read them when I’m feeling down to remind myself that it’s all worth it and that I’m doing this for the people I care about.”

Despite the responsibility and pressure, Licciardi enjoys representing her chapter, which is the three-time recipient of the Circle of Excellence Award.

Licciardi said, “I never imagined myself as a ‘sorority girl’ when I thought about Greek life, but my brother, who is an alumni of a fraternity at Southeastern, convinced me to go through formal recruitment fall ‘15, and my perception really changed. I realized that the women I meant were smart and of substance, and they weren’t ‘sorority girls.’ They were ‘sorority women.’”

When Licciardi manages to find free time, she enjoys watching movies, painting and reading. For books, she enjoys the fantasy genre like the “Harry Potter” series, identifying as a Ravenclaw, but for movies, she is a fan of the horror genre.

“My best friend and I have a monthly horror movie date,” said Licciardi. “I really love ‘The Conjuring’ series, and I’ve actually done a lot of research on the real events that they are based off of.”

For Licciardi, the dedication and responsibility of being president has paid back tenfold.

Licciardi said, “I’ll never be able to repay my sisters for what opportunities and friendships I’ve made through being a Theta Phi Alpha woman, but I hope that in my short time as a collegian, I can contribute just a little of what I’ve gained from my experience. Southeastern wouldn’t be home without Theta Phi Alpha.”