A day in the life of Breana Sterling


Diamond Hollins

Breana Sterling, a junior nursing major, stays determined in managing her studies while also working at Chick-fil-A.

Diamond Hollins, Staff Reporter

Breana Sterling, a junior nursing major, juggles a busy schedule filled with schoolwork and her job at Chick-fil-A.

Sterling lives by one motto that keeps her motivated, “If I couldn’t do it, God wouldn’t let me do it.”

Sterling’s days start off busy and end late. A typical day for her consists of waking up early, attending classes, going to work and trying to fit in study time. This usually leads to late nights. 

Sterling takes one class on Mondays, four classes on Tuesdays, two classes on Wednesdays and three classes on Thursdays. On top of that, she works about 25 hours a week.

This busy schedule takes its toll on Sterling’s availability to socialize.

“Sometimes my schedule can be so hectic that it restricts me from a social life,” said Sterling. “Some events on campus I can’t attend because I’m at work or studying. It can be frustrating at times.”

Sterling shared one of the most difficult challenges she has faced in juggling work and attending classes.

Sterling said, “One of the challenges I have faced in working and trying to focus on my studies is definitely time management, trying to get all my work done in my classes and gain enough hours at work to actually make a decent pay.”

Regardless of the pressure at work, Sterling feels that her job is important and has refined her work ethic.

“Working gives you a sense of responsibility, and it gives you a milestone in adulthood and that’s important for any college student,” said Sterling. “If you want to grow up and feel like an adult, get a job. Me, personally, I see a change in myself, and I think that’s a good thing.”

Sterling explained why she decided to get a job in the first place.

“I had to move up, and you need money to move up,” said Sterling. “I have bills to pay, and I have to eat. I can’t afford slip ups and careless mistakes.”

During her free time, Sterling enjoys leisure activities like playing video games and writing movie scripts. She manages to visit her social media sites and sometimes attends sports games on Friday.

Sterling is still getting the hang of her chaotic schedule, but she offered three tips for managing school and work.

“One, stay positive, two, find a good support group that will help you through, and three, keep striving,” said Sterling. “You got this. Get your money up, not your funny up.”