Campus Haunted House


Diamond Hollins

Stashia Liegl, a freshman psychology major, dresses as an asylum patient in the“Haunted House” put on by Campus Activities Board.

Diamond Hollins, Staff Reporter

The Campus Activities Board tackles phobias and fears to spook students with this year’s “Haunted House.”

The “Haunted House” will take place on Oct. 29-31 from 7-10 p.m. with the line starting outside the University Bookstore. 

The theme for this year’s “Haunted House” focuses on fears and phobias.

“It’ll be a mixture of attractions like darkness, claustrophobia, insects and more,” said Event Manager for CAB Gabrielle “Gi” Levet. “Students have been signing up to be actors for a few weeks now, so the scare acting will be improvised the day of the event. We have purchased costumes, but we have several makeup artists using their talents to improve the look.”

Event Planner for CAB Megan Blomquist shared that the most challenging part of planning the “Haunted House” was coordinating with everyone involved.

“There are a lot of people that are involved in making a haunted house happen, and a lot of information needs to be conveyed,” said Blomquist. “Many emails and meetings have to happen to keep everything updated and everyone informed constantly.”

Blomquist discussed teamwork’s role in the planning process.

“Teamwork plays an extremely big and important role in every aspect of the ‘Haunted House,’” said Blomquist. “We use a lot of different ideas in planning, and then we need a lot of help actually setting up the rooms. It takes many days and many hours of setting up to create our masterpiece, and of course, it takes teamwork to scare over 300 people.”

Levet discussed changes from last year’s “Haunted House.”

“We decided to make it a three-night event since last year we had so many people unable to get in,” said Levet. “We improved the lines since people were cutting the line a lot last year. We also made the ‘Haunted House’ much longer, scarier and more official like a professional haunted house.”

Levet encouraged all students to make an appearance at the event.

“Students should attend if they like a thrill,” said Levet. “It’s an exciting experience. It’s no cost to get in, and it’s at an easily accessible location right here on our campus. Why not come and be scared? Halloween only comes once a year, and you’re only in college for a limited amount of time, so you may as well take this opportunity.”