Madere named International Pike of the Month


Annie Goodman

Jamil Spriggs, Joshua Madere and Donald “Lane” Macaluso are members of Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity. Madere was recognized as the September Pike of the Month by the international office. Madere is a junior business administration major who joined Pike in Spring 2018.

Annie Goodman, Editor-In-Chief

For the month of September, Pi Kappa Alpha International Fraternity announced Joshua Madere of the university chapter as the Pike of the Month.

Madere, a junior business administration major, described the process of becoming Pike of the Month, which usually keeps the nominee unaware.

“Each chapter nominates one or more of its brothers to be considered for this award,” explained Madere. “The nominating brother then answers a series of questions ranging from campus to community involvement. From there, the nominees are sent off to nationals where a closed-door voting processes commences. That’s pretty much where it ends, up until the beginning of the next month, which is when the chosen bother is announced.”

Madere serves as the sergeant-at-arms and the campus involvement chair for Pi Kappa Alpha. He is also the vice president of events for the college of business ambassadors as well as a mentor in the Future Business Leaders of Southeastern.

“I feel like he deserves it,” said Donald “Lane” Macaluso, a sophomore political science major. “He’s done a lot for the chapter in the little time he’s been here. He brings a different attitude. He lightens moods up. He’s a nice guy, very outgoing. If we’re having issues, he brings a lighter tone to it.”

Macaluso is Madere’s big brother in Pi Kappa Alpha as well as the public relations chairman.

“We connected really quickly when he joined,” noted Macaluso. “I really wanted him to be my little, but I didn’t think he would. I thought he’d pick someone different, but he just kept growing interest. I feel like he can grow from stuff I can teach him, and I can grow from stuff he can teach me.”

According to Madere, he learned of his recognition via a monthly newsletter.

“Having only been an active brother for a little over seven months, I was both shocked and surprised to see me listed as the recipient of such a great honor,” expressed Madere. “This has only strengthened what I already believed, and that is, Pi Kappa Alpha has already given me so much more than I could have ever imagined.”

Madere was skeptical about joining a fraternity when he first joined college.

“The news reports of students dying from being hazed, and the way they were portrayed in movies made me in no way want to be a part of that,” expressed Madere. “Pike has shown me that being a brother in a fraternity is everything but that. I’ve met some of the most amazing guys and have had some of the most amazing experiences. These guys are so much more than friends. They’re family, and I know we’ll always be there for each other.”

Despite his initial reservations, Madere believes the Pi Kappa Alpha chapter on campus has helped him grow as a person.

“For those of you out there who are considering joining a fraternity, I would highly recommend it,” suggested Madere. “The only advice I would give, is to meet guys in every chapter here on campus. One of the biggest mistakes you can make is deciding to join the first fraternity you come across and ignoring all the others.”

Macaluso has faith that Madere will continue to help and grow the Mu Nu chapter of Pi Kappa Alpha.

“I know it’s soon, but I know in the future, the further we go, he’s gonna show that he deserves this award,” said Macaluso. “Like I said, he’s a great guy. He’s very hardworking. So, I know next semester, a few semesters from now, the chapter is gonna be better because he was here. He has that power in him to have an everlasting impact on the chapter.”