A day in the life of Nicole Zimmer


Prakriti Adhikari

Nicole Zimmer, a senior biological sciences major, checks a book in the library. She has worked in the Sims Memorial Library for three years.

Prakriti Adhikari , Staff Reporter

To some students, the library is a second home where they make memorable experiences and lifelong relationships.

Nicole Zimmer, a senior biological sciences major, performs responsibilities in the university as a student worker at the Sims Memorial Library.

A usual day for Zimmer consists of going to classes and working in the library. She explained her duties at work.

“For the most part, I sit at the circulation desk,” said Zimmer. “Sometimes I will be upstairs at the desk, locking and unlocking the study rooms, or I will have to make sure the books are in order and the stacks.”

Zimmer is thankful for the experiences she has encountered working in the library.

“Working in the library has given me a lot of valuable work experiences such as customer service skills, organization and a good work ethic,” said Zimmer. “Working on campus allows me to be more involved on campus. As a commuter, without this job, I would have only visited campus for classes.”

Whenever Zimmer gets free time from class and work, she likes to do Zumba and yoga. She also likes being involved on campus.

“Any events that take place on campus, I try my best to attend,” said Zimmer. “For example, my favorite is the cultural events. I also enjoyed going to ‘Gumbo Ya Ya,’ the haunted house that CAB put on, and some plays in D Vickers. This semester, I took a tennis class and attended a lot of the Group X fitness classes like Zumba and yoga.”

Zimmer loves reading books, especially romantic novels.

“During this summer when I worked, I worked like 10 hours a day, and there was nothing to do,” said Zimmer. “So, I read a lot of books.”

Zimmer shared what she enjoys most about her job.

“I love getting to meet new people, and working in the library has given me that opportunity,” said Zimmer. “I have met people from all over the world and have made lifelong friendships. Not only do I connect with the students in this department but also students in the other departments as well as the faculty and staff members.”

Zimmer feels working in the circulation department has helped her to be more interactive with people.

“When I first started, I was super shy, and I didn’t like talking to people,” said Zimmer. “But now, I’ve worked here for three years. I am very open now.”

Zimmer will be doing an internship at Disney World after she graduates. She is excited for the upcoming experiences in life.

“I am kind of hoping I will get a full-time position while I am there,” said Zimmer. “I am super pumped and ready to leave.”

Zimmer became nostalgic over her experiences at the university.

“I am going to miss all of the wonderful people I have met since I started college, all of the fun events that Southeastern puts on, all of my coworkers,” said Zimmer. “Honestly, I will even miss going to classes. I am going to miss my weekly routine and not having to ‘adult’ just yet.”