CAB to showcase students’ talents

With the entertainment industry seeing recent success in talent competitions, the Campus Activities Board organized its own version of a talent show.

Scheduled for Wednesday, March 27 at 6 p.m. in the Student Union Theatre, the talent show can include performances beyond singing and dancing.

Noilen Gonzales, public relations manager for CAB, explained the purpose of hosting a talent show.

“The Campus Activity Board talent show is a showcase of students at Southeastern,” said Gonzales. “Our goal is to let many other students on campus become aware of the hidden talents that their peers possess. These students will not only showcase their talents and skills, but compete for a chance to win a $500 scholarship.”

Compared to the former “Southeastern Star,” the talent show was organized to feature talent beyond singing.

“Talent is a wide variety of things, and we wanted to provide an opportunity for students to share their talent and skills with the rest of the student body,” shared Nick Elliott, coordinator of CAB. “We use to have an event called the ‘Southeastern Star,’ but we wanted all university talent showcased, so we made the transition to a wide variety talent show. That event was mainly focused on singing talent. We wanted to mix it up and provide an opportunity for all talents to be showcased.”

Gonzales’ favorite talent from last year was a rock cover of the song “You’re Welcome” from the Disney movie “Moana.”

Each year, CAB assesses whether or not to host the talent show.

“CAB doesn’t often do too many of the same events every year because we want to make sure student can enjoy a wide variety of events throughout their college career here on campus,” explained Elliott. “If you have the same events every year, by your sophomore or junior year, you might be bored with CAB events.”