Finding joy as a communication major


Choosing a major has probably been one of the most overwhelming decisions I have had to make so far as an adult. Being asked to declare a major can feel like being asked to declare your life career, and truthfully, I’m not entirely sure what I want my future career to be. What I do know, however, is that I’m passionate about a variety of things.

My entire life, I have idolized people who pursue several different talents and professions. If you look up Donald Glover, you will notice that he is an actor, writer, producer, musician and the list goes on. Then, there’s Ken Jeong who is a doctor, comedian and actor.

I’m grateful to live in an era where people can achieve success in several distinctive careers. Although I can’t thoroughly study all of my passions within four years, it was important to me that I picked a major with a broad range of career options.

Ultimately, that is one of the reasons why I decided to become a communication major.

I’m not saying a communication degree is a one-way ticket to everything I desire to do, but it does provide me with a platform that combines my array of interests. I love writing and composition, as well as photography and graphic design. Communication allows me to combine my interests in a way that is influential to others.

I believe that, as young adults, it’s time to start thinking about the impact we want to make in this world and how we want to change it.

Visual aesthetics have always fascinated me and sparked joy in my life. They have an incredible influence on culture and people’s emotions. In a country that is constantly advancing into a more visual society, I knew that I wanted to become a part of that influence.

I was a bit apprehensive about picking this field of study in the beginning. I didn’t think an introverted person like me was cut out for the world of communication, but this major has been great for my character development.

The more effort I put into this degree, the more it gives back to me. Now that I’m teetering into adulthood, I had no choice but to face my struggles of talking to people. My field of study not only encourages me to communicate with people, but it teaches me how to do it effectively. Communication is giving me skills that I can apply in my everyday life. It means a lot to me that, through my education, I am becoming better at expressing my intellect and better at functioning in society.

A degree in  communication can also be applied to a variety of studies in graduate school, ranging from advertising, education and law. Communication is deeply intertwined in the fabric of all business relations, and it offers various opportunities for employment.

I’m very content with the major that I have chosen. The diversity in this field of study can be very liberating for people like me who are passionate about writing, politics, art and entertainment. People who are ambitious in these aspects might want to consider a communication degree.

If you’re seeking reassurance about your major, try finding jobs and activities centered around your field of study. For me, joining Student Publications affirmed that I was pursuing the right degree. Sometimes, you really have to put yourself out there to figure out what works for you and what doesn’t. By doing so, your passions will become clearer and you’ll start developing your aspirations.

Even though I’m not entirely sure what career awaits me, I’ve found extreme comfort and joy in knowing that I’m on the right path.

Savannah Phillips, Freshman, Communication

“I want to be able to effectively communicate with people. I can efficiently do that by majoring in communication.”

William Sadler, Junior, Psychology

“I wanted to work with my mind and not my hands.”

Alison Garaudy, Senior, Industrial Technology

“I was undecided and looking at all of the different majors. It seemed the most interesting field to go into.”

Deia Harris, Freshman, Nursing

“I have a love for kids, and I want to be a pediatrician. I feel comfortable around kids, and I really want to help them.”

Ethan Mclaughlian, Freshman, Engineering Technology

“The concentration was the most interesting in terms of being different from other majors.”

Haylie Wagoner, Sophomore, Psychology

“I want to help kids with mental illness. I love working with kids.”

Chandani Gurung, Junior, Computer Science

“At first, I was interested in science but then I was drawn to computer science because we have more jobs in that market.”

Rose Etienne, Freshman, Kinesiology

“I want to go into producing and news mostly. I want to have my own news channel for my own people. I am also considering being an actor, so this field will be helpful if I wish to go down that path.”

Abby Callahan, Freshman, Nursing

“I want to be able to help people.”

Ashlyn Dixon, Sophomore, Communication Science and Disorders

“My mom was in this field, and I liked what she was doing and decided that I wanted to pursue a similar career.”

Amber Lane, Junior, Social Work

“I chose social work because since I was a young child, I always had the urge to help people. It is important because we need people that can help those who have been through trauma.”