Application fee waived for Fall 2021


Gabrielle Wood/The Lion's Roar

As high school seniors begin applying to colleges, the university decided to waive the $20 application fee for students who apply before Jan. 15, the priority deadline.

Prospective Lions can now apply for the Fall 2021 semester without an application fee.

All application fees will be waived until the priority application deadline of Jan. 15 due to any financial burdens students may be experiencing due to the pandemic.

Typically, the application fee is $20 for U.S. students and $30 for international students. Cash is not accepted.

Ryan Kavanaugh, assistant director of recruitment, discussed the reasoning behind the decision to waive the fee.

“We have noticed that a lot of students at this time do not really have college on their mind,” explained Kavanaugh. “They are in a high school senior year that they weren’t really expecting. Usually, our Admissions Office goes to college fairs and schools to kind of put the idea of college in their face, and so this year they don’t see us.”

Kavanaugh shared how COVID-19 played a part in considering the waiver.

“There’s not much of an interaction we can have from the pandemic,” shared Kavanaugh. “We have some campus events that they might go to and in the fall we normally see over 4,000 students. This is a way to help advertise and recruit them and also show them that we care. Some people might not have a job, whereas they normally would have the $20 to spend on applications.”

The Admissions Office encourages seniors to apply before Jan. 15 so that they may be awarded scholarships.

“We set all application fees for the Fall 2021 semester waived for Jan. 15, and the reason we chose that date is because of what we call a priority scholarship deadline for high school seniors,” mentioned Kavanaugh. “The great thing is that once you apply for admission, you are automatically considered for scholarships, so it makes it very simple for students. It also encourages them to apply earlier.”

Gracie Newton, a junior elementary education major, shared her opinion on the decision.

“I definitely feel that this is a great opportunity for high school seniors,” said Newton. “They are already experiencing so much during a pandemic and will already be missing out on the normal atmosphere of college.”

Newton emphasized that admissions expenses can add up quickly for seniors.

“That $20 or $30 can add up quickly when you are applying to multiple colleges across the state or elsewhere,” remarked Newton. “People do not take into consideration how pricey things can get as a senior in high school.”