A celebration for international students


File Photo/The Lion’s Roar

Traditionally, International Night takes place during the university’s International Education Week. Students from a variety of different nationalities perform and showcase elements from their culture with a night of music, food, dancing and appreciation.

Culture is a part of every country, big or small.

Every year, the Department of World Languages and Cultures plans events to celebrate different cultures around the world as well as international students. International Night is one of the events that allows students to celebrate world cultures.

The coordinator, Aileen Mootoo, shared some information on what the night entails.

“Every year, international education week is always celebrated,” shared Mootoo. “It’s recognized nationally. Southeastern celebrates it. The whole purpose is to celebrate our international students as part of our student body.”

Mootoo explained that International Night is a great way for American university students to learn about different parts of the world.

“We also have an opportunity to expose our American students to international students,” explained Mootoo. “It’s a way for our international students to share their cultures to American students and for American students to learn about their culture.”

According to Mootoo, International Night will include performances and guest speakers from a variety of countries such as Brazil, Italy, Germany, France, Mexico, Vietnam and Nigeria.

“There will be a combination of presentations and performances,” expressed Mootoo. “There are two singing performances and one dance performance, which is a Zumba performance. Our Nigerian student will discuss different tribes in her country.”

Because of COVID-19, International Night cannot be the same as previous years. This year, there will be a video presentation instead of a live-streamed performance.

“We normally attract about 300 students and faculty when it takes place in the Student Union in the ballroom,” said Mootoo. “But, because of the pandemic and restrictions, we can’t do that. It’s done virtually, anyone can attend, and there is no limit.”

International Night will take place Nov. 16 at 5 p.m. Click here to register.