Southeastern offers test-flexible admissions for Fall 2021 Semester


Nicholas Herring/The Lion's Roar

Due to challenges incoming freshmen have faced taking standardized testing, the university has decided to take a test-flexible approach for Fall 2021 admissions. This approach will allow students to submit a wider variety of tests

Southeastern has begun offering an unorthodox method of accepting test scores for incoming freshmen amidst the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Incoming freshmen are allowed to submit ACT, SAT, PSAT, Pre-ACT, ACCUPLACER or ALEKS scores to fulfill their testing requirements for admission.  

In a press release, the university cited limited opportunities for national standardized testing as the reason behind implementing this policy.

Anthony Ranatza, director of the office of admissions, further detailed the reasoning behind a test-flexible approach.

He said, “The test-flexible approach is in accordance with updated Board of Regents policies for admission and placement for new students. The decision to be test-flexible was allowed within these policies to better serve students during these challenging times.” 

Ranatza explained that he believes the test-flexible approach best fits the needs of students. 

“We are simply flexible on the type of test we will accept to help place students in the correct English and math classes for their freshman year,” he said. 

Several prospective students have struggled to take the ACT due to the limited capacity of testing centers, according to Ranatza. 

“Many have canceled tests at the last minute due to outbreaks or limited staff to administer the tests. The pandemic combined with the five Louisiana hurricanes from the past fall made testing options more challenging,” Ranatza said. 

Ranatza also said that he does not want standardized testing to be a major concern during such unprecedented times. 

“Current high school seniors have struggled with the pandemic all year, and testing should not be another concern. Thus, Southeastern accepts a few new options as allowed by the Board of Regents to make testing accommodations flexible with new possibilities,” he said. 

As of now, the Board of Regents only allows this flexible approach until the fall of 2021. 

“I hope to see the Board of Regents adopt some of these changes into the existing policy for future semesters, but we are not sure beyond fall of 2021 what testing structure and options may exist,” Ranatza concluded.