The Lion's Roar

Musicians take their talent on the road

Amanda Shaw, a Cajun fiddler and long time resident of Mandeville, has toured out of the state to places like Europe and Brazil.
May 13, 2019

Mobility is often a requirement for professional musicians. Those who center their career around music often go on tours, which require them to be away from their home for extended periods. Amanda Shaw,...

Alumnus pursues excellence in music

Casey Saba, singer, guitarist and alumnus, earned the nickname “The Human Jukebox” after learning 580 songs by 230 bands.
April 2, 2019

From his beginnings as the son of a chicken farmer, 36-year-old alumnus Casey Saba made a career out of music and earned himself the nickname “The Human Jukebox.” Saba plays everything from festivals...

How artists find an audience and get the word out

Dr. Marc Settembrino, assistant professor of sociology,  poses with his artwork. Through the Hammond Art Guild, Settembrino advertises his art to the community.
February 19, 2019

Artists incorporate a variety of techniques to promote their work to the public. L’Oreal Willams, a freshman business administration major, discussed how social media has helped her promote her photography...

5 years of laughter fuel a theatre memorial

Alumni returned to the university for an improvisational comedy performance to honor the memory of three university theatre community members, Brandon Cubas, Jacob Zeringue and Kay Files. The “Cubas/Kay/Jacob Memorial Comedy” is in its fifth year of running.
December 4, 2018

Alumni returned to their home Vonnie Borden Theatre stage to honor the memory of three university theatre community members with the 5th annual “Cubas/Kay/Jacob Memorial Comedy Show.” Brandon Cubas...

Improvisational comedy enlivens a memory

Alumni returned to the university to present the 5th annual
November 21, 2018

Alumni reunited for a tribute to three members of the university theatre community with the 5th annual "Cubas/Kay/Jacob Memorial Comedy Show." The cast performed in the Vonnie Borden Theatre at 7:30...

Finding local live music in Hammond

Casey Saba, a 2006 alumnus, performs at Red, White & Brew. He performs both covers and original music. Beyond live music, Saba is also a comedian and teacher. Saba has seen the live music business grow from face-to-face booking to email and Facebook.
October 3, 2018

Whether looking to hear live music or for a place to perform, a number of venues in Hammond can fit the bill. Red, White & Brew invites musicians to perform every Saturday. For Jarred Smith, manager...

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