Addressing the student body


Don Lawrence

Richard Davis Jr, SGA president, speaks to students about SGA’s plans at the “Fall Address.”

Don Lawrence, Staff Reporter

Over the course of the summer, the university administration and the Student Government Association planned to improve students’ experiences in college.

On Monday, Aug. 20 the Student Government Association hosted the 2018 “Fall Address” in the Student Union Theater.

The address informed students, faculty and staff about SGA’s plans for the upcoming year.

Though many of the plans and projects may not be visible, the most visible and twitter-favored project is the new residence halls: Ascension Hall and Twelve Oaks Hall. The two halls are at full occupancy with 556 students now calling these halls ”home.”

Sam Domiano, vice president for administration and finance, discussed why the two halls are most favored out of all the projects for students.

“Students told us they wanted more study, lounge and hangout space,” said Domiano. “Well, these two resident halls offer more than 200,000 square feet of space dedicated for that purpose including a late-night food service concept that’s going to be opening this fall. Students said that they wanted better Wi-Fi.”

Domiano further elaborated on the financial part of the project.

“We not only did what we needed to do to ensure that the two facilities could meet that need, but we invested more than $400,000 in existing facilities because those students also deserve that same level of service,” said Domiano.

Richard Davis Jr, SGA president, introduced the organizational grant system and explained its use.

“This new grant will allow student organizations to purchase items such as food, supplies and promotional items for educational events,” said Davis. “When our grant system officially opens on Sept. 1, we encourage student organizations to apply for these grants because they are here to support you. In addition, we continue to offer travel grants to help offset the cost of trips to conferences, seminars and workshops.”

For those who are interested in joining SGA, fill out an application on the SGA website. Students will receive an email when a position is available.