Organizations promoting the arts across campus


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Jeremy Guillot, a junior music major, performs as Narcissus in Alpha Psi Omega’s play “You Go, Goddess!” Both organizations allow students to work on their craft.

Prakriti Adhikari, Staff Reporter

The university has over 100 student organizations where students can come together to learn about common interests outside of the classroom. While some organizations celebrate their religious ideas, others explore their interests. There is a variety of organizations that come together to cultivate interests in art.

Active on campus since 2007, Alpha Psi Omega promotes theatre and arts and performs plays such as the recent “You Go, Goddess!”

Treasurer for Alpha Psi Omega DeJuan James, a sophomore elementary education major, expressed what he thinks about the organization.

“It’s a great way to explore your passion with some of the people who are just as passionate or even more passionate about being on stage or working behind the scenes,” said James.

James thinks students should join the club as it is a great way to become active and make connections on campus. The club has its first interest meeting on Aug. 27.

Vice President for Alpha Psi Omega Ally Holloway, a sophomore English major, informed that any students interested can attend the interest meeting and become a member of the club.

“It is focused on theatre, but one thing that we do stress is that it’s not just the performing aspect,” said Holloway. “We do encourage anyone who wants to be a part of the technical side of theatre, production side or anything. They can still be a part of it.”

In Ceramics Club, students taking ceramics class congregate and learn to make a career out of their interest.

Olivia Goll, a senior art major and president of Ceramics Club, explained that anyone taking ceramics class can join the club. She thinks the club is different from others on campus as students work together and learn to sell their art.

“In the Ceramics Club, we do not have any fees, and you actually get to make money and learn how to sell on your own,” said Goll. “The club’s purpose is to teach young artists how to get their work out there.”

The club’s main events on campus are around Mother’s Day and Christmas each year. The team updates through the team leader and does not have a particular date for meetings. According to Goll, the club currently has 20 members.

Goll shared why she thinks students should join and how it is helpful for students joining the club.

“The club is helpful in the way that we go through the process together,” said Goll. “We pick out an art festival we all want to go to. Then, we write up the proposal to send in with our application. We all set up the booth together. Also, we learn how to sell your work side by side. It is very harmonious because throughout the process, we all work together to learn.”

Other clubs and organizations on campus that focus on the arts include: Delta Omicron, Kappa Kappa Psi, Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, Palmetto Press, Performing Arts Club, Chi Tau Epsilon, Visual Arts Society, Sigma Alpha Iota and Flipside Dance.

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