The new face for a reinstated art club

Jacob Summerville, Staff Reporter

Graphic design is changing its presence on campus with a reinstated organization.

Lion Design Association will have its opening reception on Thursday, Sept 27 from 5-7 p.m. on the first floor of the Sims Memorial Library. Alongside the reception will be an artwork display set up for viewing until Oct. 29.

President of LDA Megan Sanders, a senior art major, shared the purpose of this newly branded organization.

“The organization was formerly known as Pixel and had actually been inactive the entire last year,” said Sanders. “So, as a student organization, we decided to reinstate the club as Lion Design Association because there was a need for an opportunity for graphic design students to really engage with their community, build community with that, and also have an opportunity for them to push themselves past what we do in class.”

LDA has two teams that serve different functions. The organization team develops flyers for events, designs the layout for exhibits and tracks students’ submissions. The social media team is responsible for social media updates as well as sending emails and gaining access for TV advertising.

Member of the social media team for LDA Kyla D’Arensbourg, a senior art major, explained that the organization breaks a barrier between art and non-art majors.




“Even though it still is graphic design, we are open to all people, even those that aren’t art majors or have no experience in graphic design,” said D’Arensbourg.

Sanders said that LDA has event ideas planned for the semester including a Halloween-themed party involving art making, a graphic design alumnus serving as a guest speaker and an educational game.

“We’re going to have graphic design bingo,” said Sanders. “There will be prizes to win. So, it’s something fun that will reinforce the knowledge that we get in class like famous graphic designers or terms.”

LDA offers more than an atmosphere to create art.

According to Sanders, students also have an opportunity to network with others and make meaningful connections that can help students after college.

“If you go out and get a job, or if you happen to move to a new city, you’ve made those connections, and they offer a benefit to you,” said Sanders. “Or, if you know someone in a position that can help you, that is going to help you in the long run.”

Club meetings are held on Thursday at 5 p.m. in the graphic design lab, which is located at East Strawberry Stadium Room 132.

Sanders said that LDA is an opportunity for students to create art outside the class structure because “that’s where your real experimentation is going to happen.”

“This is a space for art students to make experiments, find their voice, connect with other students and designers, and have fun,” said Sanders.