A dancing fraternity


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“Moonlight Dance Fitness” event is scheduled to be held on Wednesday, Nov. 4 at the Strawberry Stadium at 7:30 p.m. The event is being organized through a joint collaboration between The REC and CARE team.

Prakriti Adhikari, Staff Reporter

The fraternity Chi Tau Epsilon brings together students interested in dance. 

Since its establishment on campus in October 2017, the organization has helped students promote their passion for the art form.

Treasurer for Chi Tau Epsilon Brianna Denmark, a senior general studies major with a concentration in dance, explained that the fraternity has been doing several activities like outreach programs and tabling events.

“We focus on our dance abilities,” said Denmark. “We try to promote the dance program. We also try to do outreach programs. For example, we have gone to studios, and studios have come to us just so we could do a mini-workshop and help kids learn some other forms of dance that they are not used to like contemporary ballet, jazz.”

Students are required to either major or minor in dance and must have a minimum of a 3.0 GPA to be a member of the organization. Currently, there are five members. The organization is looking to recruit more members.

The members look forward to doing more outreach programs.

“We’ve been planning our outreach programs,” said Denmark. “We’ve been planning to bring someone on campus to teach college students, possibly some contemporary ballet, and we’re continuing to try to go to New Orleans. We are just trying to outreach and get the word out that, ‘Hey, we’re here.’”

The organization also plans to have a tabling event during “Gumbo Ya Ya” and a graduate student speaker from the University of Mississippi soon.

The members meet once every month to discuss their plans. President of Chi Tau Epsilon Haley Duplantier, a senior double majoring in history and general studies with a concentration in dance, has improved her leadership skills through the organization.

“It’s been teaching a lot of leadership skills to me,” said Duplantier. “It’s been very interesting being the president of this organization, and not having a prerequisite, definitely a lot of team building skills because it’s not just me who all the responsibilities and decision making falls, but I have to consult everything with my fellow officers.”

Vice President of Chi Tau Epsilon Alaura Cervini, a junior double majoring in history and general studies with a concentration in dance, feels that students should also be mindful of studies while being involved in activities on campus.

“To be well-rounded dancers, you also have to be well-rounded students,” said Cervini. “So, one of the largest things to gain by being a part of the fraternity is not only making a lot of friends, and spread words about something you love, dance. We also have fun opportunities for helping the community. We are trying to organize something for the old folks and students. We get to share our love of dance with people who are younger and older and may be still in love with dance.”

Duplantier feels being a part of the organization helps students be involved on campus.

“I have a theory that everyone should find something to be a part of while they’re in college, and everyone should have something they feel they belong with,” said Duplantier. “For me, it has been dance. The fraternity is another way to further involve myself not just within the dance department and doing performances but outreach to the community.”