Giving Day raises thousands for university departments and organizations


Hundreds of university supporters, community members and alumni were able to support the university by donating to several departments and organizations during Homecoming Week in the Southeastern Giving Day event. One month after the fundraiser, the money that was donated is being used to benefit students and faculty in all areas of the university. 

On Oct. 9, the Southeastern Giving Day was held. The event was a 24-hour fundraising campaign in which various departments and organizations were able to participate. Unlike in previous years, the event was held during Homecoming Week, rather than in the spring semester, in order to increase awareness among the community. 

Ashlin Nicosia, development coordinator for the Southeastern Louisiana University Foundation, coordinated Giving Day and believes that the event was a massive success. 

“Giving Day this year exceeded our goals and was a big success,” explained Nicosia. “Our goal this year was to increase donor numbers, engagement and participation. We wanted to get about 400 donors, and we ended up 767 donors. That is roughly a 240% increase from last year.”

Overall, the event raised $104,057. The department that raised the most money was the Athletic department, which raised $32,080 for the Lion Athletics Association. The College of Science and Technology was the college that raised the most money with $25,865 going towards new programs and initiatives. 

Nicosia feels that all students benefited from the campaigns and fundraiser.

“I feel that everyone who participated benefited,” shared Nicosia. “However, it is an effort and a promotion. So, we had little contests during the Giving Day that the foundation sponsored, and Nursing had a generous sponsor that donated some challenges for us. Cheer won our overall challenge of raising the most money and they won the other challenge of getting the most donors. They did well in that aspect. I saw their posts all day long and they were super consistent, but everyone who participated benefited greatly.”   

Out of all the programs and incentives that have been funded through Giving Day, Nicosia was most interested in departments and organizations that used their funds to benefit students’ direct needs. 

“I think that seeing, at the college level, individual program needs and everyday needs was super interesting to me,” said Nicosia. “I got my undergrad here, so being able to see what college-level needs were on that level was super appealing to us and was appealing to donors as well.” 

Nicosia noted that the impacts on the various departments and organizations will be more visible in the coming months.

“The impacts won’t be shown until the coming months because they are still receiving their funds, they’re working through some things or they are purchasing the equipment they need in the classroom,” explained Nicosia. “In about six to eight months, when these departments and organizations get these things settled, we should be seeing significant impacts in each area that received funds.” 

Based on the success of the program this year, Nicosia hopes to further expand the program so that even more students can be impacted. 

“We hope to gain more participation from our alumni and really build excitement and build a culture of philanthropy and giving on campus,” said Nicosia. “That’s what our students need sometimes. They need a generous and helping hand in the same way we give out student scholarships. We hope that in the future, Giving Day can reach out to even more students.” 

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