A helping hand for McNeese students


Brynn Lundy/The Lion's Roar

Free parking is one of the services that Southeastern is providing to McNeese State University students as a part of the Cowboy Relief Effort.

As a part of the Cowboy Relief Effort by the University of Louisiana System, Southeastern has made several campus resources available for McNeese State University.

In response to the damage inflicted on Lake Charles by Hurricane Laura, the university website created a “McNeese Student Resources” tab to help MSU students who have been displaced by the storm. These resources will be available through the Fall 2020 semester.

One of the resources offered is the Sims Memorial Library. It is open for MSU students during regular hours of operation, where they can use library resources, services, technology and WiFi to attend their virtual classes, watch lectures and complete assignments.

They can also utilize the library’s electronic collections and databases, request assistance in-person, via text, online or chat and access McNeese library resources online with their McNeese student ID.

Another resource MSU students can take advantage of is parking on campus at no cost. Students can visit Transportation Services in Pride Hall room 139 to get a temporary parking permit.

“If they do have a valid McNeese parking sticker, we will issue them a guest visitor’s tag to park on campus to allow them to park in student locations,” stated Gary Prescott, director of Transportation Services.

With a McNeese ID, students can utilize the fitness services at the Pennington Student Activity Center at no cost. Like Southeastern students and other Pennington members, a reservation is required for MSU students on Mondays through Fridays from 1:30 p.m. to close.

MSU students can also obtain counseling services from the University Counseling Center by contacting the center during hours of operation to schedule an appointment.

AnaClaire McKneely, a sophomore communication major, shared her thoughts regarding the university’s participation in this initiative to help students who suffered losses due to the storm.

“I think it’s amazing that Southeastern is doing what they can to help students at McNeese,” shared Mckneely. “I know someone from Lake Charles who was impacted, and I am proud that our school has taken the initiative to help those who are suffering from the storm. I would hope another university would help out Southeastern students if a crisis ever arose. We really all should do whatever we can to help our community, and that includes the entire state, not just our hometowns.”

Mike Rivault, senior director of university marketing and communications, explained that the university is currently working on creating an on-campus dining option for MSU students.

“As of right now, we are still finalizing some things to help these students who end up here longer term,” said Rivault. “We should have those programs in place next week. So as of now, our answer to your question is incomplete. Obviously, a McNeese student can eat as a guest or purchase a meal plan, but we will likely have another option for some of those students as well.”

The university asks MSU students who find themselves on campus and in need of any of the listed resources to fill out the Cowboy Relief Effort Student Registration form provided on the webpage.

“Please fill out the linked form so that we know you are here and provide you access to as many services as possible,” states the webpage. “Your registration response will be given via email or text within one business day with an ID number that will provide you access accordingly.”

Campus WiFi and computer labs are available for MSU students to use as long as they fill out the student registration form. To see the full list of resources, visit selu.edu/myden/mcneese.