Student workers contribute to coronavirus prevention


Resources such as free face masks and hand sanitizer are offered all over campus at tables inside building entrances. Student workers operate the tables to pass out masks to those without face coverings.

The university has implemented measures to slow the spread of COVID-19 this fall.

Tables have been set up near the entrances of buildings on campus in which employees ensure that people are wearing masks, offer free masks and other preventative measures.

Austin Musacchia, a junior industrial technology major, works at a table in the Student Union. He described what his job includes.

“We work 18 hours a week here, everything’s around class schedules,” said Musacchia. “We’re not allowed to work during class and all that. We are scheduled for 10-2 each day, and people are either wiping down tables and doors, or some people sit at the tables. We’re pretty much just making sure people have their mask on. If they don’t, we offer them one, and if any trash needs to be taken out, we let someone know, just stuff like that.”

Musacchia described what his usual job, pre-COVID-19, consisted of.

“We’re all student workers for the Union,” described Musacchia. “During not-COVID, we sit over there and answer phone calls, set up ROAs, for if people want tables, like other organizations that sit in the Union, do whatever they need to do. We also sit at the game room and check people out if they want to play pool.”

Connor Seale, a graduate assistant, also works at the tables near the Union entrance. He described his job as a student-worker at the Union under normal circumstances.

“On a normal semester basis, we do like event set-ups or activity, like moving chairs, tables, anything that has to do with student organizations – the annex, setting up projectors, setting up computers, start meetings, stuff like that,” said Seale.

While he works, Seale says he can come in contact with many people, so he tries to keep his distance from others.

Because of the uncertainty surrounding COVID-19, it is unclear when these student-workers’ jobs will return to their regular obligations.