Lions Athletics seeking creative interns

An opportunity for creative students with a passion for sports has opened up at the university.

Lion Athletics is searching for an intern to assist with graphic design, sports advertisements, video editing and motion graphics. Resumes and portfolios will be accepted indefinitely. 

The intern will be responsible for handling occasional graphic design and video tasks for the athletic department, as well as contributing to Lion Athletics’ social media presence on all platforms. 

Anyone with an interest in college athletics and with a basic understanding of graphic design, typography and Adobe programs should apply, according to Lindsey Owens, associate athletic director for external operations. 

“We would love to have someone who understands the environment of college athletics in order to create consistent/cohesive materials. Someone who understands Southeastern’s identity and branding would also be a plus,” Owens commented.

Although the internship is unpaid, it will provide students with an opportunity to build their portfolios. Through offering this internship, Athletics hopes to fulfill a need for creative social media output. 

“We would love to have a creative individual for this position to help us create a trendy social media and in-venue aesthetic. It’s great to see different visions come to life through the eyes of creatives. It’s becoming less of a ‘want’ and more of a ‘need’ as we progress toward a heavier social media presence,” Owens said. 

The internship is meant to provide the intern with experience and help Lion Athletics expand its creative endeavors. 

Owens said only two to three individuals will be accepted so that work quality can be closely monitored and executed. The positions will be filled on an as-needed basis. 

“Once the slots are filled, the opportunities will be gone until needed again,” she said.

According to Owens, the department will assist interns throughout the process to provide them with new skills and networking opportunities. 

“We are willing to help along the way and work with different skill levels. We also have a wide range of networking across the nation amongst other athletic creatives. It’s a new and exciting professional piece in the world of athletics,” Owens said. 

Jackson Jones, assistant director of creative services for Athletics, said the position opened last fall. He explained that the intern will assist in year-round content creation. 

“The intern will be involved in all facets of year-round content planning and creating/designing of the athletics program for all social media platforms,” Jones said. 

However, the job will be flexible due to the uncertain nature of the past year.

“The internship will take place in-office or remotely, based off of an initial interview and conversation. We understand that sometimes, especially in these times, it can be difficult to attend things physically, so we’d like to be open to different opportunities,” Owens said.

Anyone who is interested in the internship can send a resume and portfolio to Jones at [email protected].