How to stay distracted in online classes this semester

Online classes have definitely presented a challenge in maintaining focus on social media and other important aspects of my life.

Usually when I attend class, I am in a classroom in which my teacher will not allow me to even check Snapchat. They will not let me browse through Instagram to check on my favorite YouTuber’s latest post or to text my mom to see what we are having for dinner. However, because some of my classes are online, now is the perfect time to do all of the things I was never allowed to do in the classroom.

I usually try my best to answer my Snapchats during class and to do Instagram research on my friend’s ex-boyfriend’s new girlfriend, but sometimes my lecture wins my attention. This is what I definitely do not want to happen.

So, to get to the point of this article, if you are looking for ways to stay as distracted as possible while attending online classes, look no further.

One way to make sure you are as distracted as mentally possible while attending an online class is to keep your phone right next to your laptop, tablet, or whatever you are using to attend your class. This way, when it lights up with a notification, you can jump to see who just messaged you. Do not keep it out of your sight or leave it in the other room. Do not put it on silent, and definitely do not put it on “Do Not Disturb.” If you do any of those things, you risk potentially paying attention to your teacher, and that is not the way to go this semester.

Another way to stay distracted: go to class in a public location — preferably outside the Student Union during lunch hours. This way, you will catch yourself drifting off about the person in the blue shirt who just passed in front of you — maybe you went to high school together? You might even catch some of your friends passing by you and strike a conversation with them about the presidential debate. This is good and a sign of progress.

Maybe you can even go to PJ’s Coffee and sit right next to the counter where the baristas do most of their coffee making. Do not wear noise-cancelling headphones if you do this. You want to be as distracted as possible.

Another way to stay distracted during an online lecture is to attend while driving. Bonus points if you can position your phone in a spot on your dashboard where it falls every time you hit a small bump. This way, you will not catch anything your professor says. For maximum certainty that you will not focus on them, turn your volume all the way down. Maybe even play some heavy metal over your car radio (do this even if you do not like heavy metal. I promise it works).

Do not take notes on anything your professor is saying while you are in class, either. If you happen to find yourself taking notes, though, you can try to prepare yourself for distraction by only having one sheet of paper handy. This will ensure that you cannot take more than a page of notes and force you to leave the room to get more paper and miss parts of the lecture while doing so.

My favorite way to stay distracted in online class is to attend it while laying down in my bed. My 8 a.m. class has no power over me if I do this. I usually end up catching a few more Z’s and do not hear anything my professor says. I do not keep loose leaf in my bed either, so I am not tempted to take notes.

I hope some of these tips help you like they help me. If you follow them, success will be yours, and you will fail this semester — which is the goal, right?