Division of Administration & Finance welcomes three new assistant vice presidents


John Paul Domiano, assistance vice president for finance, Judy Bowles, assistant vice president for systems and Edwin Litolff, assistance vice president for operations.

Effective Oct. 5, the Division of Administration and Finance implemented personnel changes for three assistant vice president positions, all of which are filled by university alumni.

Judy Bowles, former assistant vice president for finance and budgets, now serves as the assistant vice president for systems. John Paul Domiano, former director of budgets, transitioned to assistant vice president for finance. Edwin Litolff, former vice president for business and finance for the University of Louisiana System, is now the assistant vice president for operations for the university.

Mike Rivault, senior director of university marketing and communications, shared the primary changes from the realignment.

“The primary changes resulting from the realignment within the division include the splitting of the assistant vice president for finance and budget responsibilities,” explained Rivault. “Over the course of the past 24 months, staff have been working diligently to implement a new Enterprise Resource Platform (ERP). The new platform, Workday, will replace the existing PeopleSoft system.”

Bowles served as AVP for finance and budgets for the university since 2006, according to the university website, when she was hired to implement the PeopleSoft Financials system. Rivault detailed the responsibilities of Bowles’s new position, including the implementation of the new financial system, Workday.

“Ms. Judy Bowles has been a primary lead on the project, and her role will continue as we Go-Live with the Human Capital Management and Finance modules scheduled for January 2021,” stated Rivault. “Work with the student module will continue over the course of the next few years. Given the critical nature of this work, Ms. Bowles will need to commit most of her time and effort to this endeavor.”

Bowles shared her personal sentiments regarding her transition from one AVP position to another.

“I believe that the new position will allow me to totally focus on the new ERP for the university,” expressed Bowles. “Personally, implementing and maintaining ERP systems has been my career path for the past 25 years and something I enjoy doing.”

Rivault also explained what Domiano’s new role entails as AVP for finance.

“To assist with the other duties relative to finance, Mr. John Paul Domiano will serve as the assistant vice president for finance and be over all financial operations including Controller’s Office, payroll and purchasing,” shared Rivault.

Domiano, a university alumnus, expressed gratitude for being able to assist the university community in different ways through this new position.

“I am grateful to have the opportunity to work more closely with other areas of the university, helping to encourage and support various departments as we continue to improve upon the exceptional quality of services provided for our students, faculty/staff and those in the community,” shared Domiano. “I have always enjoyed working at Southeastern and look forward to the experiences and challenges this new position will bring.”

The AVP for operations position existed on campus in the past but has not been a part of the division in recent years. The title is making a comeback with Litolff assuming the role.

“Areas of responsibility will include the primary responsibility of all budgeting functions, safety and auxiliary services, which includes such areas as housing, rental and retail bookstore operations, food service and duplicating services,” explained Rivault.

Litolff, also an alumnus, commented on this opportunity to transition back to the university.

“I’m excited to have the opportunity to come back to Southeastern,” said Litolff. “I’ve been working at the UL System for the last 15 years and have truly missed working on a campus with students, faculty and staff. It is great to be back at my alma mater.”

Rivault gave an overview of the implications these organizational alterations have for the university, including ensuring efficiency with student financials, which affects student enrollment and return rate.

“Even though many of these areas are sometimes viewed as back-of-house operations, they are key operations to the university with many of the areas heavily governed by statutory requirements, as well as state and federal regulations,” said Rivault. “In addition, most of these areas directly impact students, which also has a direct impact on both recruitment and retention. As such, appropriate and sufficient oversight is critical to ensure efficient and effective operations and to further ensure we are delivering quality service to all of those we serve including students, faculty, staff and guests to our campus.”