Head-to-head: My brain is fried and I need a break – sincerely, an overworked college kid


Not only has this semester wreaked havoc on our daily lives, but, to add more fuel to the fire, the university canceled any moment of rest for its students.

While everyone enjoyed their time off for Labor Day, we sat through online lectures. Instead of catching up on much- needed sleep over a fall break, we wrote more stressful essays. Now, with the news of Louisiana State University canceling Mardi Gras and spring break, it makes me wonder: Will we be next?

It is pretty cruel, if you ask me.

Everyone needs a break from reality at some point in their lives. Being a college student, I feel as if I am constantly on the go. My mind is always racing, full of never-ending tasks that I need to check off every day. Taking 18 credit hours this semester, I am especially drained. There is always the opposing argument of weekends, but even Friday-Sunday, I am spending my free time on tedious assignments. The cycle stays on repeat for five months straight.

I am to the point where my motivation is starting to go down the drain. I find myself constantly longing for my bed instead of having the will to finish an assignment. With online classes, I feel that it has posed an even greater challenge of learning, and sometimes I simply cannot keep up.

Why is it that, with everything going on, it seems that professors have added an extra load of work on students? By the time I actually finish everything for the day, it is the early hours of the morning and the amount of rest I received is slim to none.

Regardless of being in college, everyone needs a proper amount of rest to function.

“Studies have shown that sleep deficiency alters activity in some parts of the brain,” according to the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute. “If you’re sleep deficient, you may have trouble making decisions, solving problems, controlling your emotions and behavior and coping with change.”

The university aims to reduce the spread of COVID-19 by eliminating breaks. However, students are still set to come back to campus for the Spring 2021 semester after Christmas break. How is it that we are able to have an almost two month break at home and have it not be considered as much of a threat as having a few days during the semester?

It does not make sense. If students are able to be exposed for two months around their family and come back to campus in January, then we should at least be able to have a break during the semester.

So before any bit of relaxation gets canceled for the spring semester, please take into consideration the sleep deprived, overworked college students.


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