Professional sales students grab awards during a virtual competition


Courtesy of Emily Browning

From left to right are the runners-up and winner of the university’s Professional Sales Program’s Fall 2020 internal sales competition: third runner-up Jenna Pecot, second runner-up Brielle Ricca, winner Emily Browning and first runner-up Paxton Page.

The university’s Professional Sales Program has hosted an on-campus role-play competition each semester.

However, the competition moved to an online format via Zoom this semester. The competition is split up into three competitions: internal, regional and international.

The virtual internal competition, which took place among university students who are a part of the Professional Sales Program, was held on Oct. 2. The top students included winner Emily Browning, first runner-up Paxton Page, second runner-up Brielle Ricca, third runner-up Jenna Pecot and Rookie Award winner Akira Chaney. Scholarships were also awarded to some of the winners.

Browning, a junior marketing major, described her experience with winning the internal competition.

“This is my second time ever competing in a sales competition,” said Browning. “The first time I competed, I was a sophomore, and I learned so much about the competition and the processes. I knew next time I competed I was going to have to work hard and put in a lot of effort. When I found out I won, I felt like all of my hard work paid off. Now, I am training for ICSC, and I can’t wait to represent Southeastern.”

Browning also shared how this semester’s virtual competition differed from the usual format.

“Learning how to sell virtual definitely took a lot of time and patience,” explained Browning. “With virtual selling, you miss out on seeing body language and shaking hands. I had some really great team members and coaches to help me navigate how to sell virtually.”

Chaney, a senior general studies major and winner of the Rookie Award, shared her experience with the sales competition.

“It was kind of intimidating because I have never done sales as this is my first sales class,” expressed Chaney. “However, once it was over, it was refreshing.”

The virtual regional competition was held on Oct. 16 and hosted by University of Louisiana at Lafayette with nine other colleges such as Louisiana State University and Nicholls State University participating.

Brielle Ricca, a senior marketing major, advanced to the finals and won second runner-up in the regional competition. She feels that it was an accomplishment to win the title.

“It was an accomplishment for me, because the year before, I got top six so I am continuing to grow,” said Ricca.

In preparation for the competition, Ricca helped other students that were competing. She also spent hours practicing with a friend and winner of last year’s competition.

“We spent hours practicing, and I had one of my good friends who won last year help me practice, and he gave me really good feedback,” explained Ricca.

The virtual international competition will be held Nov. 11-14 and will be hosted by Florida State University. More than 80 universities plan to compete. Last year, the university’s sales team won the Rookie Award for the top new school.

Dr. April Kemp, assistant professor of marketing and co-coordinator for the Professional Sales Program, explained how these programs help set students up for future success in the field.

“Dedicated professional sales programs develop students who are more confident and prepared,” stated Kemp. “Through Southeastern’s Professional Sales Program, we are seeing students prepared for the workforce and graduating with multiple, competitive job offers.”