Agree to disagree: We can still be friends if we don’t agree politically

Gerard Borne

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Gerard Borne

In a time where America’s stress level is at an all-time high, there’s no better way to end 2020 than a heated presidential election.

Some want incumbent President Donald Trump to retain power, while others think it’s best to move on from Trump and have a new regime in the oval office.

Regardless of what you think or believe, I think everyone should be able to vote for whoever they want and still get along at the end of the day.

One of the silliest and most idiotic things I have seen on Twitter has been, “If you vote for Trump. Delete me. We’re not friends” or “Please block me if you voted for Biden.” It is outrageous to me that people really care so much about who someone voted for, that they could not be mature enough to settle their differences and move on.

My first point on why who you vote for should not negatively affect your friendship is because our country was founded on different ideas and people being different from everyone else.

Every American should not have uniform ideals and beliefs, and people should not expect everyone to vote for the same candidate. I may not agree with or have the same beliefs as my friends from down the street, but that does not mean I cannot be friends with them. How boring would your friendships be if everyone had the same exact belief system and rules?

Another reason why I do not agree with the idea, “If you vote differently, you can’t be my friend,” is because of maturity. If someone is mature enough, or at least old enough, to vote then they should be able to agree to disagree with their friends’ thoughts and views. In all honesty, if you are one of those few who say, “If you vote differently, we can’t be friends,” then your maturity must lack elsewhere.

For hypothetical purposes, let’s say someone votes for Trump because their family is in the oil and petroleum industry, and Trump is a heavy supporter of keeping all oil and petroleum business within the United States. That friend should be able to realize why their friend voted for Trump and be absolutely okay with it. In all honesty, if I vote for Kanye West, Jo Jorgensen, Donald Trump or Joe Biden, it has no effect on my friend’s life. It is not going to make my friend die faster or live longer.

True friends should care about your thoughts and beliefs and should not persecute you for having a different opinion. If my best friend is a huge Atlanta Falcons fan while I am a die-hard Saints fan, should I never talk to them again? No. Even though the two teams are arch rivals, me and my friend should be old and mature enough to agree to disagree.

Our nation is more divided than ever right now with people squashing friendships over political views and others arguing over political nonsense. In two to three months, people will forget about who voted for who and move on. Why damage what can possibly be a lifelong friendship over a 2020 presidential race?