University alumnus chosen as CMMS 2020-2021 Teacher of the Year


Hendrick “Hen” Foster.

Many graduates leave the university to work towards accomplishing their career goals. One alumnus has been awarded Capitol Middle Magnet School’s Teacher of the Year.

Hendrick “Hen” Foster, a graduate with a degree in education, received this award for the 2020-2021 academic year.

“The awards means a lot to me,” expressed Foster. “It means my peers think highly of my work ethic and that I’m approachable not only to my students, but the entire campus. This award tells me hard work doesn’t go unnoticed, and yet I have to continue to improve as an educator to make a bigger impact and mentor incoming educators.”

Currently in his second year of teaching, Foster elaborated on why he chose this career path.

“I currently teach in the East Baton Rouge Parish School System at Capitol Middle Magnet School,” shared Foster. “I chose this career path because I’ve had many mentors in my life, and it only feels right to continue the cycle of mentorship on a daily basis to ensure individuals get the same opportunity, resources and support I receive as a youth.”

The university provides a variety of opportunities and experience for students to hone their skills before graduating.

“I’ve felt that Southeastern Louisiana University contributed to my success by showing me the work ethic, passion and mindset in order to be an effective teacher in your early years,” said Foster. “They gave me real world practice opportunities during my years in undergrad to get a feel of the real world and it paid off, so I am truly thankful.”

Foster reflected on those who have contributed to his success while attending the university.

“I’ve had multiple inspirations while on campus but I have two individuals who pushed me the most,” shared Foster. “First, a fellow fraternity advisor, Frank Newton Jr., and second, Dean of Students Dr. Gabe Wills. I feel like both individuals consistently spoke words of wisdom into my life on my potential, instilling faith in me I did not have at times, and I inspire to do the same for someone one day.”

As an educator, Foster hopes to leave a mark on his students’ lives.

“The type of impact I hope to make on my students is the type of impact that prepares them for life’s cruel lessons,” explained Foster. “My main goal is to instill a sense of resiliency, the ability to recover from life’s disappointments with their head held high until they succeed over and over again. Also, that one day, they too seek to pass their wisdom on to the next person with a pay it forward mindset, so that they can also impact today’s society.”