“The Pick”: Share and publish your scholarly paper


Hydee Holsapple

Volumes 48 and 49 of The Pick entice readers with their strawberry-themed cover. The Pick will be finalizing its 51 volume this summer.

The Pick is a student-driven publication that began in 1939 as “The Pick of the Patch” when Miss Vickers’ Leatherstocking Club published it. Its team is comprised of student assistant editors, a graduate student editor and faculty advisors from the English Department.  

The Pick was originally located in D Vickers; however, due to damage from Hurricane Ida, it has been temporarily relocated to the Writing Center in McGehee Hall 102. 

Erica Welter, an editor of The Pick and a graduate assistant in English, said, “The Pick showcases outstanding student work from across the Southeastern curriculum. We accept papers from undergraduates and graduates interested in taking their scholarly work to the next level. Whether you’re looking for an edge to impress future employers, to improve your writing skills or to dazzle friends and family, The Pick is a Southeastern tradition created to celebrate the writer’s voice.”

Their staff reviewed eligible papers to verify Southeastern students’ exceptional work.  Then, all papers that are accepted will go through a thorough peer-review process. 

“During this process, student writers and The Pick staff collaborate on revisions to ensure all papers meet our publication standards. After this process, our faculty committee members will review the papers and may suggest additional modifications. If a paper completes this process, it is then presented for publication,” Welter said. 

All publications are printed in volumes, but volumes 27-38 and 44 are also available online. If a student wishes to obtain a copy of any volume, they can go to The Pick’s office and request one. 

There is no limit on how many papers will be accepted.

Welter said, “Students are encouraged to submit works year-round and we do not impose a limit on the number of works we accept for review. In the last several years, we’ve printed between nine and eleven papers per volume.”

The latest volume is volume 50. This volume is currently being printed and will be in Southeastern green and gold as opposed to the previous cover that featured a strawberry, which entices readers with its two-tone, contemporary design. 

The Pick is finalizing its 51 volume this summer and is eager to begin its next volume. 

“We encourage students of every discipline to submit their nonfiction work for consideration in the 52nd volume,” Welter said.  

To submit work to The Pick, a student should electronically submit their nonfiction, academic work to their email at [email protected] or website in a .doc/.docx format.