Government cries, “Wolf!”


The longest government shutdown in American history has finally been resolved, at least until Feb. 15. The short answer of the matter is that I’m too used to hearing news like this to care much. But, the long answer, if you really want to know, is a little more complicated.

To start with, I feel as though the politicians are behaving like little children. “If I don’t get my way, I’m gonna take my toy home,” they say. The last time I checked, this government was of the people, by the people and for the people. I understand that we elected and appointed officials to make decisions on behalf of their constituents. However, this little game of, “Well, I don’t like what you said, so I’m going to hold my breath until I turn blue,” is ridiculous. Who is this really hurting? The people.

I doubt that the decision-makers on Capitol Hill were seriously striving for money during the course of the 35-day shutdown. So, we’re talking about the common person, the prison guard who has to turn to driving for Uber to make ends meet, or the government worker who has to take a forced, unpaid vacation.

Even then, though, banks and credit card companies rose to the challenge and, realizing that there were extenuating circumstances, offered to extend loans or credit deadlines in order to work with their clients. In my opinion, no one was seriously harmed because of the government shutdown directly or indirectly. In fact, electronic benefits transfer recipients in Louisiana ended up receiving twice their usual amount for the month of January just in case the shutdown rolled into February.

Even common workers, like our prison guards, are receiving backpay for the work that they did. So really, besides asking people to get along better with their families to make ends meet and maybe prompting workers to carpool in order to reserve resources, what did this shutdown accomplish?

Honestly, I feel that the government shutdown just plays up the incessant D.C. drama, and in the end, the matter for the shutdown is eclipsed by the stupidity of the shutdown itself. It’s a pity that this drama runs on at the expense of everyday American workers. It’s also a pity that this drama, in its various forms, has been playing on for so long that I’ve grown numb to it, which brings me to the beginning again.

What are your thoughts on the government shutdown?

“I don’t know much about politics, but I know it’s not great when the thing that’s supposed to run your country isn’t actually running. I’m not happy about it, and the reason behind it all is no reason to come to a screeching halt.”

Thora Hughes
Junior, Communication

“I just think it’s kind of silly to put people out of a job over a wall.”

Joshua Eilers
Sophomore, Criminal Justice

“I have friends who were affected, and I really feel for them, but I personally don’t have an opinion on it because it happens for every president basically.”

Kayla Fletcher
Senior, General Studies

“A lot of time, we don’t know all the information, and it’s hard to bypass the opinions. Hopefully, they get together and agree on something, but it could’ve been handled a better way from the start.”

Karley Bordelon
Junior, Social Studies Education

“I don’t think enough people are informed about it, even myself. I try to stray from those things and social media, but I do wish I knew more about it.”

Chandler Damerel
Senior, Art

“I think that the president is making a point and really pushing the meanings of honor with politics in doing what he says. He’s not supporting one or the other. He’s keeping the country as a whole in mind.”

Jared Cates
Freshman, Criminal Justice

“I think the ‘compromise’ he came up with is insane. It’s no ‘compromise.’ If anything good will come out of all this, it’ll be all of his supporters realizing how crazy he is.”

Kelsey Gabourel
Sophomore, Kinesiology

“I think it was worthless and a poor tactic for the president to use force to get what he wants. I just don’t see a positive in it. It’s like a toddler who wants his way. What he’s doing is not beneficial for the country or anyone.”

Jordan Kelley
Freshman, Marketing

“I think Donald Trump being president is a mistake itself. People support him because they think he can just say and do whatever he wants, but look where we are now.”

Amanda Lin
Freshman, Art

“Although it hasn’t affected me, I still have friends and neighbors who are being affected by it right now.”

Alissa Long
Sophomore, Middle School Education
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