Cowboys defensive coordinator Lance Guidry becomes a Lion

A new defensive coordinator for the football team will head practices this spring with an ambition to pursue the Southland Conference Championship.

Lance Guidry, who has been coaching since 1994 and started coaching at the collegiate level in 2000, replaced former defensive coordinator Louie Cioffi in January.

Frank Scelfo, football head coach, explained that Guidry was the candidate selected for defensive coordinator because of his background in the Southland Conference.

“He is by far the most qualified person to be a defense coordinator in the conference,” said Scelfo. “He’s had the most success over a long period of time. He played in this conference. He was defensive coordinator in this conference, and he was most recently a head coach at McNeese.”

Scelfo believes Guidry will bring a new kind of energy to the players.

“The defenses at McNeese State have always been based on a culture, and the culture that he provides is one of them attacking, high-energy type defense,” stated Scelfo. “So, I think you’ll see that from our players.”

According to Scelfo, students will relate to Guidry, and he will become a valuable addition.

Guidry, who has a lot of coaching experience under his belt, intends to prove Scelfo correct. As defensive coordinator, Guidry aims to win a Southland Conference Championship and to have one of the best defenses in the conference.

Guidry examined the most important parts of his position.

Guidry said, “Being a defensive coordinator, the biggest value that you have is being able to adjust on game day because people change in a game plan, so you have to be able to adjust on the sideline, and if you can’t do it as a defensive coordinator, you’re probably not going to be very good.”

With Guidry’s former experience, Scelfo thinks the biggest challenge for him will be learning about the players.

“There’s a little transition period for everybody, but I think he’s gonna hit the ground running,” commented Scelfo. “He’s gonna do a great job.”

Guidry has started meeting with the assistant coaches and devising defensive strategies. He intends to show them his strategy when he meets with the players.

“I’ve always wanted to be around sports, and I don’t work a day in my life,” shared Guidry. “I just play all day. It’s all I do.”