A twist on a classic comes to the Columbia Theatre

Aquila Theatre, a production company based in New York City, will make three stops to perform in Louisiana during their nationwide tour including one at the Columbia Theatre for the Performing Arts.

“Frankenstein,” based off the original book by Mary Shelley, is scheduled for a live performance at the Hammond theater on Saturday, Feb. 23 at 7:30 p.m.

From a 16-year history with Aquila Theatre, Roy Blackwood, executive director of the Columbia Theatre, believes “Frankenstein” will be an excellent show.

“They always have a little twist even though it’s a serious kind of subject matter,” said Blackwood. “They’ve just done a lot of wonderful, wonderful shows over the years. So, this is going to be a great show as well.”

Attendees can expect the production to include some innovative aspect. Blackwood shared a memory of Aquila Theatre’s “The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes” as an example.

“Sherlock Holmes was played by a female,” stated Blackwood. “It was wonderful. I expressed concern about that, and the agent said, ‘Believe me, a minute into the show, you won’t even notice,’ and it’s true.”

Sophia Howes, a reviewer for the DC Metro Theater Arts, applauded Aquila Theatre’s Desiree Sanchez, artistic director, and Peter Meineck, founder and program director, for not aligning the show with its original theme, calling it “a real pleasure to see a version of the story which adheres so closely to Shelley’s vision.”

“It’s really not a horror show,” explained Blackwood. “Victor Frankenstein, who was actually the scientist, was trying to create an artificial human, and so, it’s maybe a little sci-fi, but it’s not horror at all.”

Tickets for the production will be $45 for loge seats and $35 for balcony and orchestra level seats.