Being authentic to give cool vibes


Prakriti Adhikari Staff Reporter

Leather coat wearing, motorcycle-riding, tall, dark and handsome bearded guy. Ladies, is that your definition for a cool dude? Or, is it a clean-shaved man in his best suit, nice tie and shining shoes? What about an artist extremely passionate about what he does, carefree of what the world says about it? Someone who loves his family more than himself and does anything for them? A thick glasses-wearing nerd who can tell you anything about books? Or does a pair of blue eyes hypnotize you?

These are completely different personalities, but something in each of these people stands out, radiating a cool vibe to their surroundings. An invisible trait makes some people the attention grabber of a room. There is a wide spectrum for defining what makes someone cool. What is appealing to one person might not appeal to the other. But, in the end, some people are simply admired for who they are.

No matter how progressive the world may be, some common fundamental human behaviors never change. After pondering on why we consider someone cool, I realized that we are grounded to some basic attitudes. A person who is authentic and does not change for anyone else is always admired. The world is full of people wearing masks anyways. So, someone who dares to be different is considered cool. Accepting the flaws within ourselves is the greatest challenge for any human being, and the one who masters it is always cool. This does not just help in self-exploration but also makes one open to learning new things for their betterment.

Eyes are good for the sight, but if you need vision, you should use your brain. This vision might be the defining factor to becoming cool. When a person has a bigger picture on their mind, they are not affected by smaller things that happen in everyday life. This allows you to think properly and get better results. After all, what is cooler than being able to stay calm in times of hardship?

The cherry-on-top is definitely confidence. It sounds cliché, but confidence is definitely the key to being cool. This is a universal formula and applies anywhere from exhibiting your best abilities to dressing nice. You don’t need to have a closet full of branded clothes but if you can pull off even a free T-shirt that you got in an event on campus, that makes you cool. If you think you look good, you will definitely act like it. It might be a little tricky, but being fashionable is not always expensive.

There are some other factors that make people not just cool, but also a better person. Being humble, respecting others’ opinions, learning to be self-dependent, standing for your beliefs and being considerate are all self-investments. Love the way you are. Accept your weakness with your strengths. Stand up for what you believe, and don’t be afraid of what others will say about you. Make an effort to look the best you can. Keep the pace to achieve your goals, and instead of turning your head to someone cool, be that cool person who others will turn their heads to look at.