A room can be a world of possibilities


Annie Goodman/The Lion's Roar

Adding certain pieces to a living space can best represent a person’s uniqueness and sense of style from modern to vintage.

Whether through an accent wall with a fun print, an accent chair with a fluffy pillow, or a large potted plant in the corner, a living space can be modified to reflect a special art. With personal touches, the same room can be turned into a trendy-looking studio or a practical, utilitarian space, as the designer desires.

Brennon Rogers, a freshman nursing major, prefers a practical aesthetic with his living space, using it to provide the basic needs of life.

“I keep my room pretty simple,” shared Rogers. “It’s always clean, and I don’t really have too many decorations. I would really rather my room be for comfort rather than style because I’m always running around and never here.”

Rogers allows some of his personality to show in his room through wall-hangings.

“I’ve got a few decorations that I like, like my Delt flag,” said Rogers. “I rushed this fall, and I love being part of the fraternity. I also have my Voodoo Fest bandana and my Harry Potter Marauder’s map because I’m a big fan.”

Although Rogers has roommates, he shared that their similar personalities are shown throughout the home.

“Living with three guys, it really wasn’t too difficult trying to decorate the house,” explained Rogers. “We’re all good friends and pretty simple guys. We care more about the basic needs for the common areas like the living room and kitchen more than what we want to decorate with, but I guess it’s just because we’re all alike in that way.”

While living with roommates can be difficult when it comes to decorating, all it takes is compromise and communication, according to Rogers.

“I see why it can be difficult for other people to compromise on a living space, but all it takes is talking it out and being able to come to an agreement,” stated Rogers.

An HGTV article titled “20 Simple Ideas to Breathe New Life Into Your Home” listed artwork as a way to create an exciting living space. The article suggested decorating with art from local artists, which not only allows a unique and one of a kind look, but also helps support the art industry. An alternative to a large piece of art is several smaller pieces grouped together to produce a different atmosphere.

The article suggested other recommendations like having an accent wall with patterns and vibrant colors. An accent wall, according to the article, can provide an artistic flair to a dull and boring room. By using wallpaper or paint, a room can grow to become full of life.

Adding greenery can further make a living space. Though having a green thumb may not be everyone’s strong suit, fake greenery can also allow a living space to feel like a breath of fresh air.

For Rogers, an important part of a home is who will wake up to see it every day.

“The most important thing to remember is that it’s your own living space,” said Rogers. “You’re the one who has to wake up every morning to see it, so why not make it something you want to see? I like my room because it shows who I am and my personality. When you walk in, you can make an assumption about what my interests are and what kind of person I am.”