A band’s shift in musicians creates a new sound


Annie Goodman/The Lion's Roar

A change in members redefined the name of a local band.

“Voice of the Enemy” consists of Hayden Kimball, lead guitarist and vocalist, Tyler Laiche, rhythm guitarist, Stefanie Campbell, drummer, and Michael Elisar, bassist. Although the band originally formed in 2012, the lineup changed about a year ago.

Kimball explained that the style of the band’s music changed when the new members joined.

“When we play old songs live versus the new songs, they’re not any better or worse,” discussed Kimball. “They’re just different. That’s kind of what the beauty is. We still have the original flavor. It’s just now, we have new musicians who have different taste and a slightly different approach to things.”

Kimball shared that the band’s original sound had a southern metal vibe to it, with the same sound as bands such as Pantera and Black Label Society.

In recent years, the dynamic has changed to where the song-writing process is no longer centered to one person, which allowed a different sub-genre of rock to enter the band.

“Now, you have everyone in the band who kind of puts their own stamp on the music,” said Kimball. “One song in particular, ‘Martyr,’ the main riff was written exclusively by Tyler, and some of the riffs that I wrote sound a little more classic rock as Tyler’s is full-on progressive rock.”

Ever since the band’s new image has come to light, it has produced an album entitled “Martyr” which was recorded and published in 2018.

“Voice of the Enemy” mainly plays in Louisiana and performs as often as it can, according to Kimball and Laiche.

Before scheduling a show, Laiche shared that members of the band discuss what possible conflicts may arise.

“Every band wants to play as much as they can, but sometimes you just can’t,” said Laiche. “We play mostly in Baton Rouge, but we also love playing in surrounding areas like Lafayette and soon to be New Orleans for the second time.”

One memory that sticks with both Laiche and Campbell is the band’s performance at the Varsity Theatre.

Campbell shared that the vibe of the place contributed to an enjoyable time.

Campbell explained, “Sharing the stage with ‘Swamp Stank,’ ‘Event Horizon’ and ‘Ventruss,’ that night really made for an exceptionally inviting, exciting, united kind of feeling where you could tell everyone was ready to have a time that was on as much as fire as the music. It was killer.”

Kimball recalled his first performance using a wireless system for his guitar that the band still jokes about today.

“I went to go do some sort of move down the stage, and I realized that the guitar wasn’t going through the amp,” shared Kimball. “I turned around, and the belt packet had fallen off, and the battery fell out. Of course, I’ve got to sing, and I didn’t know what to do. So, I finally just stopped playing altogether and just grabbed the mic and sang until I had enough cover to run back and grab the battery and put it back in.”

Kimball explained that “Voice of the Enemy” would like to get signed to an independent record label soon and tour more often.

“Hopefully, that’s going to be in the works sometime this summer or this fall,” said Kimball.

The band hopes to continue to promote its newest album and play at as many shows as it can.

“We all love what we do, and we wouldn’t trade it for the world,” stated Laiche. “So, as long as we are having fun, it’s a win-win.”