Organizing an on-campus movie night


Students can watch movie with friends and enjoy popcorn without going away from campus.

The Campus Activity Board hosts multiple movie nights on campus throughout the school year.

Destiny Coleman, a junior psychology major and member of CAB, explained the way the event is organized.

“First we find a location,” stated Coleman. “Then, we submit a poll on social media so students can decide what movie they want to see. Then, we submit an ROA to the Dean of Students – lastly we purchase the movie.”

Coleman discussed the process CAB goes through in obtaining a movie.

“We look into available movies for us through our copyrights company,” shared Coleman. “We look for movies that are out of the theater, but not quite on DVD yet. We choose about four different movies, and then we send out a survey, usually through our social media, that allows the students to vote.”

According to Noilen Gonzales, a junior psychology major and member of CAB, picking out the movie is the most important part, and CAB makes sure that the rest of the event is organized so that the students can enjoy themselves.

The CAB movie nights can usually be held in the Student Union Theatre – setting up can sometimes be an obstacle. If the movie night is held outside, the location can be just about anywhere on campus.

Gonzales explained what goes into planning an outdoor movie night.

“When it comes to outdoor movie nights, we need all hands on deck to set up the outdoor movie screen which takes approximately four to eight people to haul and set up,” explained Gonzales.

Gonzales discussed the similarities between indoor and outdoor movie nights.

“We require a popcorn machine so that students can enjoy it while watching,” said Gonzales. “Of course for movie nights, the most important aspect is the movie itself. All of our movie nights would not be possible without the help of our wonderful committee as well.”

The event managers are in charge of event planning, setting up, as well as getting the committee on board. The movie nights are also scheduled early in the year at a calendar meeting with the CAB committee.

Gonzales explained why the event was created.

“The movie nights were created because they are the most organized and less costly events to put on,” said Gonzales. “Also, many students love to watch a good movie.”

CAB feels as if the movie nights are a hit.

Gonzales says, “The team feels that the movie nights are always successful since we always get a great turnout of students that come and watch.”

The next movie night will be held on Wednesday, Oct. 16.