Trailing through memories


Prakriti Adhikari

I fell in love the first day I arrived on campus.

It was love at first sight. I loved everything about the campus that I was about to call home for the coming foursome years. From the Katrina fountain, to Friendship Circle, to Pottle Performance Circle and the shady walkway behind Pottle Hall, everything looked pretty. I fell for the beautiful green oak trees, pine trees and the pine cones that fell on the ground.

I have been on campus for two years now, and the increasing time here has only grown my affection towards the campus and people around here. I have made a lot of memories which I know for sure will bring smile on my face later on as I face the kicks from life. I spend my entire day on campus, and there are many things I love doing here. I love hanging out with my friends in the Student Union, talking about classes while we enjoy coffee from SGA. I like the peaceful environment in the library and love studying on the third floor. I love sitting in shade in front of the Katrina Fountain, and behind Garrett Hall overlooking the garden.

Of all these things I love doing on campus, the top of the list is strolling around on campus in the evening. I live only around five minutes from campus, and I love coming for a walk in the evening during the weekends. As the sun starts to set, the sky bleeds a mix of red, pink, blue and purple, and the lights are on, the campus looks truly beautiful. The moss hanging from oak trees swinging beautifully as wind sweeps is always pleasure to the eyes. If it is spring and the azaleas are blooming, it gets even better. There aren’t many people on campus, and it is just peaceful.

I also like sitting in front of the fountain during evenings as I listen to music and sit in the chairs in front of Dyson Hall. Our campus is pretty big in terms of area, and I easily get some exercise whenever I decide to stroll around in the evening. There are usually students playing soccer, athletes practicing the football field and the baseball stadium, and the atmosphere is just fun.

The university is beautiful, and it has a lot to offer to each student. I would definitely suggest all students to explore it, and I can say that each students will find things they love. While some might love watching ensemble performances and plays, others might love going to football or baseball games. No matter what specific thing you love doing on campus, I am sure all students will make memories on campus that they will cherish all throughout their lives.

                                         What is your favorite thing to do at Southeastern?

Timothy O’Connor Freshman, General Studies

“I like to go to the rec and play basketball, and after playing basketball, I like to head to the Union and eat.”


Peyton Sawyer  Junior, Communication

““My favorite thing is basically go to the football games during the fall season.”


Eric James Freshman, Biological Sciences

“I like to go the library and be on my laptop.”


Donneshia Gutter Freshman, Political Science

“My favorite thing is to walk around on campus because it’s just big, beautiful campus.”


Phillip Hillard  Freshman, Occupational Stafey, Health and Envrionment 

“My favorite thing to do at Southeastern is going to the rec.”


Gabrielle Chavez Senior, Criminal Justice

“My favorite thing to do at Southeastern is going to sports events. I like different other types of events they put on here too, and I like that they try to get everyone involved with everything.”


Madison Fitz Simmons  Freshman, Middle School Education

“I like to eat my turkey and Swiss sandwich and study in the Mane Market by the bookstore.”


Chase Romero  Junior, Art


“Me and my friends, we always love playing pool.”