Dance department to showcase talent in Fanfare


A vision comes to life through the production of the university’s dance department.

As a part of Fanfare, one of the dances that will be showcased from the dance department will be “Missing… have you seen her?” This dance will be directed by Keith Costa, director of dance.

Fanfare is the university’s month-long celebration of the arts during October. The festival features over 50 different events such as films, concerts, literary readings, theater productions, dance, and many more.

Costa explained his artistic idea behind the dance and what it was about.

“It is about the idea of how people and things go missing in your life as well as if they choose to leave or was forced to leave,” explained Costa.

With every dance, there is a reason behind it. The dance production derived from the emotions of Costa who further explained his reasoning.

“It came from this artistic place in my head where I saw a very large white wall that separated where I needed to be from where I was both physically and emotionally,” stated Costa. “The set-piece that we dance on is an 8-ft-tall by 24-ft-wide white wooden wall, and behind it are video projects of ideas that support the choreography which was created by myself and students, Alaura Cervini and Stephanie Harris. The inspiration is further defined by the entire contemporary dance concert being performed in all white until we see all colors unfold at the end of the work as a metaphor.”

Costa explained why students should attend and see all the hard work that the dancers have put into this dance for the past few weeks.

“I think that every student loses something in their life so this contemporary dance concert challenges them to think of the person or item that was lost and will they ever recover it again,” explained Costa.

Costa discussed the effort to get ready for the Fanfare premiere.

“We had to be very focused for this rehearsal schedule since we only had five weeks to prepare the choreography and set the contemporary dance concert into production mode under a very tight timeline since we are part of Fanfare on Oct. 1, but so far we have succeeded,” stated Costa.

The dance concert will be performed on Oct. 1-2 at the Vonnie Borden Theatre at 7:30 p.m. as a part of the Fanfare activities.