Rebooting… fix the campus Wi-Fi


Chris Vega/ The Lion's Roar

A lot of things about this university are truly amazing like the Monday through Thursday school week, free student admission to all sporting events and the numerous events held by student organizations but one thing that needs to improve is the campus Wi-Fi.

In some buildings, the Wi-Fi reception is reliable and strong, but in halls like D Vickers, the Wi-Fi needs drastic improvement. I have had countless professors have to stop class and refresh their computers and laptops to get Wi-Fi in D Vickers. Personally I would not have a problem with the Wi-Fi if it did not interrupt lecture time, I am tired of seeing my professors have to pause class time due to the internet connection. Professors are having to slash through lecture time just to make up for the internet malfunctions.

One solution to fixing this minor issue is to install more Wi-Fi routers in each hall and building. School is too technology-based to take a step back and use less technology. Literally everything is on the internet in all of my courses. The Wi-Fi is just too slow in some halls to base all of the classwork around the internet.

Now some of the students do overreact and complain because they can not access social media in certain places, but that is not to my concern. My concern is when it cuts into class time, I am there for an hour and fifteen minutes to learn not to see professors have to try and reboot the Wi-Fi.

Another solution is that each building and area on campus can have its own separate Wi-Fi. Southeastern uses one main hub as its Wi-Fi, if each building had its separate Wi-Fi and passwords then we would not have to see professors go at it every day with the internet. Yes, this may cost more but I am very positive that every student will donate or help with a fundraiser to make this a reality. Have a drive where each student who donates will get a t-shirt for donating money for the universities Wi-Fi or start a GoFundMe to raise funds for the new Wi-Fi. Students are tired of the everyday struggles that are faced just to log in to Moodle.

Yes, my solutions may be a little expensive but students will be willing to help raise money. T-shirt drives are like drawing flies to honey for college students, nothing excites a college student more than t-shirts. If you center and focus the fundraiser around something the student body likes and has passion in then the outcome will be better. Host a Facebook or Twitter poll to see what the faculty and students want to do in order to raise money.

The Wi-Fi on campus is not horrible but it definitely has room to improve. Quite honestly it is pretty great that the main concern on campus if the Wi-Fi instead of other concerns like student safety or academic problems. Ask the students what they want to do in order to improve the Wi-Fi, I can assure you that students will answer and give constructive feedback.

Are you satisfied with the strength of campus Wi-Fi? Why or why not?

Madison Stumpf
Freshman, Biological Sciences

“On some days, the Wi-Fi can be good, but sometimes it fails to connect to your phone. It’s good overall, but I wish there were improvements on the Wi-Fi, and it would be evenly dispersed through the campus.”

Jaycie Chance
Sophomore, Music

“It seems like at a certain time of day, the Wi-Fi kind of just stops working, and it’s usually around lunchtime.”

Canaan White Freshman, Music

“We spend a lot of money to be here, and it’s spotty, especially around, because we’re in Pottle all the time, and it’s awful in there.”

Chase Crane, Freshman, Engineering Technology

“The school Wi-Fi’s alright. Every now and again it works, but then sometimes I’m in class, stuff won’t load.”

Levi Tarver, Freshman, Management

“The Wi-Fi’s good until you get to D Vic, and then I have no services on my computer. So, I can’t do no work, especially whenever I’m in English class – can’t type papers and stuff. But other than that, everything’s good.”