Leadership Ambassadors encourage others to be more engaged on campus


Every year, a group of students are chosen to help better engage students on campus.

The Southeastern Leadership Ambassadors is a group of 20-25 student leaders who help the university with a variety of different events aimed at recruitment and leadership development of new students. They are also responsible for spreading school spirit among students and making sure they know the rules and regulations of the university.

Zachary Rogers, interim coordinator for the Office for Student Engagement and advisor for SLU Leadership Ambassadors, elaborated on what the roles of SLU Ambassadors are.

“The Southeastern Leadership Ambassadors, formerly known as DSA Ambassadors, help out the university during events such as ‘Family Day,’ convocation, award ceremonies and any other large events,” explained Rogers. “During these events, they help recruit for the university and help bring about a sense of unity and involvement with the university as well. Their responsibility to help with recruiting also extends to assisting with the ‘Lion Pride Preview’ event and teaching newer students how to get more involved on campus.”

One of the largest events that the SLU Ambassadors put on is the annual “Lions Lead Retreat” held during the spring semester.

“The ambassadors help us coordinate the whole retreat, which is off-campus,” said Rogers. “This retreat is designed to teach students who are either involved on campus already or are brand new to being involved how to enhance their leadership skills and discover new ways to be leaders. The ‘Lions Lead Retreat’ is certainly our biggest event every year, and I believe it is a perfect example of what the SLU Ambassadors do for the students here on campus.”

The university began the program several years ago in an effort to put student leaders at the forefront of university events. Dr. Eric Summers, vice president for student affairs, described what the intentions of the university were when they launched the program.

“It was started essentially to put students out front in the planning, coordinating and promotion of events,” said Summers. “We wanted our best and brightest leaders to not only be visible but to lead these big events that we have on campus.”

With these efforts to bring students to the forefront of the university in mind, Dr. Summers believes that students should consider joining the Leadership Ambassador team in order to better their leadership and interpersonal communication skills.

“We are looking for a special mission force and that is what the SLU Leadership Ambassadors are,” explained Summers. “We want to put some of our best students front and center for the public to see and have them lead every effort that we do in our division.”

Summers also feels that students can gain invaluable skills that can be applied to the real world by joining this organization.

“Through helping us with these events, students have the opportunity to work on their interpersonal communication skills, logistical skills and public speaking skills,” said Summers. “These are skills that students will not only use here on campus but whenever they get into the workforce. It is essentially preparing them to lead a team.”

Any student who is enrolled full time, meets a 2.75 GPA and is involved in at least two student organizations are eligible to apply to become a SLU Leadership Ambassador. Candidates must also go through an interview process.

For more information regarding the SLU Leadership Ambassadors, contact Zachary Rogers.