Campus Activity Board hosts annual Gumbo YaYa event


The 2019 Homecoming Week started Monday with the Campus Activity Board’s annual “Homecoming Kickoff” celebration. 

Wednesday CAB held its annual Gumbo YaYa event in the Student Union Breezeway from 11 a.m-2 p.m.

Destiney Coleman, a junior psychology major,  explained how long it takes to plan for Gumbo YaYa. 

“We actually start planning for Gumbo YaYa in May every year,” shared Coleman. “It takes months to set up and plan everything. We always try to incorporate something new every year for the event.”

Coleman shared what her favorite booths are for Gumbo YaYa and why.

“My favorite booths are always the ones that are different,” stated Coleman. “This year my favorite is CAB’s Southeastern history booth. You answer a question about the university’s  history and you get a free t-shirt.”

Jesus Castillo, a volunteer for the Panamanian Club, shared what their goal was for Gumbo YaYa. 

“We want to teach the students and professors about the history of Panama,” explained Castillo. “We give them Panamanian cuisine, show them artwork from Panama and answer any questions they may have regarding the country.”

On Thursday Gamma Beta Phi will host a food drive in the Student Union Breezeway from 10 a.m.-2 p.m. to continue the Homecoming Week festivities.