Volleyball loses 0-3 from troubles on offense


Jacob Summerville/The Lion's Roar

Sam Gomez, a junior middle blocker, and Karlee Wilkerson, a sophomore opposite, jump to block a hit during the first set. The Lady Lions lost the match 25-22, 25-15 and 28-26.

The Lady Lions team lost the Homecoming Match against Northwestern State University 0-3, bringing the team’s record to 8-11.

The Green and Gold put up 22 points in the first set, falling the second set 25-15, and finishing the third set 28-26.

Jodi Edo, a senior middle blocker, shared that the Lions’ inconsistencies in serving shook up the team.

“I can definitely say our service team broke down, and once the service team breaks down, you can’t really score offensively on it,” said Edo. “So, that’s definitely the main point to us having our downfall.”

Caroline Golden, a junior outside hitter, agreed that the offense had a weak appearance.

“We’re gonna have to go back to the drawing board for sure and work on our service team,” shared Golden. “That was definitely weaker for us tonight because we weren’t executing on offense, especially in the middle.”

Jeremy White, head coach, explained that Northwestern’s tactics caused trouble for Southeastern.

“I think the difference for tonight was they’re really outside heavy,” discussed White. “They did a great job getting outside scores quite a bit. They were able to use their other kids, kind of change the pace on us. Defensively though, I think it’s just a little bit more discipline on their side and a little less on ours.”

Edo shared how Northwestern responded to the Lion’s offense.

“We went up swinging a lot of times, and they just came up getting balls with one hand, one arm,” shared Edo. “They were very scrappy – I can give them that. They had a very good defense.”

Looking forward to their next match on Oct. 15 against Southern University, White hopes that the break will help the team rejuvenate its intensity.

“I really hope that this break we’re going to have the next four days kind of helps us out, kind of gets us back in fresh – kind of gets some momentum carried in, some confidence back in us on Tuesday against Southern,” said White. “I hope we take care of that match as well.”