Bake sale spreads awareness on mental health


Symiah Dorsey/The Lion's Roar

Jean Paul Templet, a sophomore biological sciences major, and Amanda Scott, a junior social work major, discuss their bake sale plans to raise money for their organization and spread awareness on mental illness.

The National Alliance on Mental Illness hosts its annual bake sale to raise money for the organization and spread awareness on the importance of mental health.

The sale took place Nov. 4-5 in the Student Union Breezeway. 

NAMI prepared their own baked goods and accepted donations from university students.

Amanda Scott, junior social work major and vice president of NAMI, explained how the bake sale will help them fund other events and activities for students on campus.

“We’re raising money for future events,” shared Scott. “We have a de-stressing event for finals, and we’re raising money for that so we can get the materials to make the stress balls, and we’ll have fun activities for people to do to help them calm down.”

Jean Paul Templet, sophomore biological sciences major and member of NAMI, expressed the importance of informing students on mental health.




“It’s important to spread awareness because most people aren’t educated on mental health and various disorders,” explained Templet. “Understanding these disorders helps us work more effectively and help people who really need help.”

Scott discussed the main initiative of NAMI and what they strive to achieve within the organization.

“We really want to make the topic of mental health easier to talk about on campus and help people as much as we can,” stated Scott. “As part of the National Alliance on Mental illness, we’re advocating for change, and we’re advocating to stop the stigma that’s around mental illness,” shared Scott.

To stay updated on upcoming events, follow the organization’s Instagram account at nami_southeastern.