Serving up a family delicacy at Eddie’s Frozen Custard


Andrew Jordan/The Lion's Roar

Sitting on W. Thomas Street, across from Superking Seafood, lies Eddie’s Frozen Custard.

Eddie McGhee, owner and general manager of Eddie’s Frozen Custard, explained what brought him to the decision to open up a custard eatery after his service in the military.

“I saved up a little money from my job and I wanted to open up a small business with my son and I to do as a project,” said McGhee. “I wanted my son and daughter in for us to do something together.”

The business started with his son Morgan and daughter Jaala, both of whom are university alumni, at 1307 University Ave on Dec. 26, 2006. According to a clipping from the Hammond Daily Star around the time, the company started amidst the growing business boom of Hammond post-Katrina. McGhee was determined to be the first custard shop in town.

“It was a gamble,” reflected McGhee. “If I had lost that money that I had saved up, then all of us would have been bankrupt.”

McGhee, however, believed that he had a product that people wanted and explained that the business would succeed.

“I just knew that it was a good product,” explained McGhee. “I had experienced it and tasted it for years prior to that. I have visited in my travels other frozen custard places, and I do my due diligence.”

The family worked to set their own business apart, including the decision to establish a “Flavor of the Day” as part of the service.

“Nobody else does the flavor of the day,” said McGhee. “It has really helped us in gathering business.”

Since opening Eddie’s, McGhee and his family moved the business to W. Thomas Street following the lapse of their lease on University Avenue in 2008. McGhee also noted the shift in Hammond around him, including the businesses across the street.

“They were down for nine months and they both reopened and business has been booming for them, and we get their runoff,” stated McGhee.

Included in the store is a frame explaining the uniqueness of custard, from its 1919 origin on Coney Island, its temperature difference in storing and freezing compared to ice cream. Thanks to its ingredients, it also has a lower cholesterol, fat and calorie intake.

McGhee is happy for what the business has done for Tangipahoa Parish as well as what customers have been expressing.

“It has been a growing business for 13 years,” explained McGhee. “They like the courtesy, the quality, the good environment, family-oriented and our folks serving frozen custard.”

Eddie’s Frozen Custard is located on 412 W Thomas St., open from 12-9 p.m. Monday through Saturday and 2-9 p.m. on Sunday.