Dance company prepares for spring performance


File Photo/The Lion's Roar

Dance Performance Project is the departmental dance company within the university’s Contemporary Dance Program. Members of DPP must audition each semester and enroll in the company class as well as a technique class.

Dance Performance Project, a dance company housed in the Department of Music and Performing Arts, will be presenting their first performance of the semester.

The company’s performance titled “Voices of the Planet: 2020,” will take place on March 18-19 at 7:30 p.m. in the Vonnie Borden Theatre. All dancers in the upcoming performance are members of the dance company.

Keith Costa, artistic director of Dance Performance Project, explained the purpose behind the show’s theme.

“Every decade, the voices of our students and faculty are so very strong that we dedicate a concert inclusively to help humanity gain a better understanding of this complex world in which we live in,” said Costa.

Costa mentioned that the dancers have been preparing for this performance since last semester.

“The company members of Dance Performance Project have been rehearsing weekly since the beginning of the spring semester, and some have started in October of Fall 2019,” said Costa. “This concert will have 11 dances with one faculty dance, one guest artist dance and nine student dances.”

Despite facing challenges in rehearsals, Costa shared the most difficult and rewarding parts of the process.

“The most difficult part of the rehearsal process is for the students to always have a professional attitude, which is the standard for what I teach here at Southeastern,” commented Costa. “The most rewarding is giving the students an amazing opportunity to showcase their work within our mainstage concert to develop their artistic craft of choreography and performance.”

Stephanie Harris, a junior general education major, is a dancer and choreographer in ”Voices of the Planet: 2020.”

Harris shared how she has been preparing for the upcoming performance.

“I’m in most of the dances, so I’ve been preparing for the show by staying in the studio almost all day,” mentioned Harris. “This show is lined up with incredible, athletic dances, so I’ve been making sure to take care of my body and use lots of Epsom salt. I’ve also been encouraging the rest of the company to drink water and stay positive.”

Some of the dances in the performance will represent the university at the upcoming Regional/National conference. Harris’ piece “Episode” will be performed at the conference.

Harris explained what she enjoys most about dance.

“The thing I love most about dance is the zone that my mind goes into on stage and in the studio,” said Harris. “Everything is suddenly about purpose and strength and powering through. It makes me feel so strong and so free. I am super thankful that this is what I get to do every day.”

Tickets for “Voices of the Planet: 2020” are $10 for general admission and $8 for students, seniors and children.