Manchac Live will be replaced online by Manchac Writing Month


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Students gather in the university’s Writing Center to share work and practice their skills. Some of their work is published in the Manchac Review and can be showcased at Manchac Live.

Manchac Live will be replaced by Manchac Writing Month.

Each semester, students are able to showcase their talents of writing and singing through Manchac Live, a series of open mic events hosted by the university’s English department.

This year’s Manchac Live was scheduled for Thursday, March 19 in D Vickers Hall Room 210. However, as events on campus have been cancelled, there have been changes in plans. The Writing Center will be organizing a month-long writing challenge on social media to replace the event.

“In lieu of our traditional Manchac Live event, we will be hosting a month-long writing challenge on our Instagram page for the month of April: Manchac Writing Month,” shared Paige Devall, executive editor. “Every day, we will have a different prompt for creativity. It can influence people to write, paint, draw, compose a song, or create using other mediums. This will, hopefully, be interactive with people sharing what they are working on and then we will share their posts to our Instagram and hopefully build a strong community through this process.”

Manchac Live was created as a platform for students to express themselves and practice performing for an audience.

“In past semesters, people have shared poetry, fiction related to the Common Read novel and music,” explained Devall. “Students have also read or performed pieces that inspire their own art.”

The Manchac Review, previously known as The Gambit, publishes a creative writing journal each year that features young authors and artists. Students are able to write about fiction, poetry and drama to be considered for publication.

The Manchac Review also published a web-based version titled “The Manchac Review Online” for readers to access these written works. Aside from stories, students are able to submit songs and short videos for online publication.

Students can submit their work year-round, and those who are accepted must meet with an editor to peer review for necessary revisions. Submission forms and guidelines for the Manchac Review can be found in the “call for submissions” page on the university’s website.

The English Department encourages all students to attend or participate in honor of National Youth Art Month.