Fashionable face coverings


Courtesy of Ainsley Scott

Since face coverings are required within buildings on campus, some students are taking the opportunity to make their own masks. Fashionable and trendy face coverings are becoming more common.

Around the globe, people are trading in their nondescript disposable face coverings for custom-made masks that coordinate with their fashion choices.

Students have tapped into their creativity when it comes to designing unique face coverings and recognizing the bright side of the mask requirements.

Breigh Blouin, a senior nursing major, has produced over 300 face masks for healthcare workers, friends, family and herself after learning to sew during the pandemic.

“I decided to make my own masks just because I work in the healthcare atmosphere as a nurse tech and knew that it was something that was necessary to wear,” shared Blouin. “My mom actually decided to teach me how to sew during quarantine, which made me realize I loved sewing.”

Blouin said she receives many requests for certain mask colors and themes, and she has been able to earn an income from her creations.

“I have sold a good 200 of my masks that I made,” said Blouin. “I actually started by making around 100 for family and friends, then making some for my co-workers and giving them away to other units in my hospital that I work at. I started out just wanting to help others and realized that I could really encourage others to wear masks.”

Ainsley Scott, a junior business major, has created around 75 masks during the pandemic. She said her newfound free time played a role in her decision to start creating masks of her own design for herself and others.

“I decided to start making my own masks when I realized how much free time I had,” said Scott. “I figured I could use my time to benefit people while making a profit at the same time.”

Scott also chose to produce her own masks to save money and help the environment.

“The masks made from fabric can be washed and reused unlimitedly,” said Scott. “Not only are you saving money, you are helping the environment by eliminating waste, and plus, fabric masks are a lot cuter than hospital masks, making them more enjoyable to wear.”

According to Scott, many people have reached out to her via social media to place orders for their custom face coverings.

When making the masks, Scott has the comfort and interests of her customers in mind, especially when it comes to her family members.

“The fabric I chose were the ones I thought people would find most desirable,” explained Scott. “I love patterns and lots of color. I even used some of my grandma’s fabric, who passed away, to give to my relatives, which meant a lot to them.”

The ability to create custom face coverings enhances outfits and lightens the constraints of the mask policies, according to Scott.

“I have a mask that coordinates with almost every outfit I have,” expressed Scott. “If masks are something we have to wear, why not complete your outfit with a cute mask?”

Scott has delighted in creating and providing something for others during these troubling times.

“Although this pandemic is a horrible thing, I am able to find joy by using my time to help provide masks for people,” commented Scott.

Blouin claimed that the pandemic experience and the task of creating reusable masks has helped her to see why face coverings are important.

“It really has opened my eyes that we should be wearing masks in our community,” shared Blouin. “The whole experience is really a lot to take in, especially with the state mandating everyone to wear a mask. I just want to encourage others around me to protect themselves and others around them.”