Faculty and staff take on initiative through leadership institute


Elizabeth Hornsby, Ph.D, is one of this year’s representatives for the University of Louisiana System Management & Leadership Institute. Since beginning to work for the university in 2006, Hornsby has continued to refine her skills and contribute to university growth.

Two faculty and staff members have been selected to represent the university through a year-long leadership program.

Elizabeth Hornsby, Ph.D., and Chris Asprion are this year’s representatives for the University of Louisiana System Management & Leadership Institute. Throughout this program, the participants will learn skills surrounding topics such as diversity, finance and leadership and will later apply them towards university growth.

Hornsby, an assistant professor and graduate coordinator in the Department of Communication and Media Studies, has been a faculty member at the university since 2006.

With two degrees from the university, Hornsby shared how her active willingness to learn has helped her to advance her career.

“One of the most valuable lessons I learned as a Southeastern student was the importance of ‘learning how to learn’ and actively searching for opportunities to improve and refine my skills,” said Hornsby. “I believe the Institute is a way to improve and refine the skills gleaned from those experiences while learning from others in the UL System.”

Asprion, also a university alum, began working as a staff member in 2005. He accepted his current role as director of University Housing in March 2020.

“Participation in the University of Louisiana System Management Institute will allow me to maximize my effectiveness as a manager and leader in higher education,” noted Aspiron.

To be selected as a participant, applicants must submit a letter of interest, a curriculum vitae and one letter of recommendation.

A screening committee, which includes prior university Institute participants, reviews the applicant materials and makes a recommendation to the president, who then submits two nominees to the UL System.

Asprion shared what he most looks forward to throughout his participation in the institute.

“Through my participation, I look forward to further developing my skills in effective team-building, data analytics, adapting to an ever-changing campus climate and recognizing and capitalizing upon opportunities that will match or supersede competitive environments,” mentioned Aspiron.

For Hornsby, becoming a participant is a way to unite with other forward-thinkers toward a common goal.

“Institute participants are challenged to think collectively about how to effect change systematically,” commented Hornsby. “Southeastern only benefits from this type of forward-thinking. There is a contagious synergy that is created when people are united with a common purpose and goal.”

Hornsby mentioned that she has strived to be inclusive, informed, engaged and alert. She shared how these qualities have influenced her journey.

“Those four qualities are foundational to the vision, goals and plans that greatly inform my personal and professional journey,” expressed Hornsby. “With that in mind, I believe participating in the UL System’s Management & Leadership Institute is a pivotal experience in the process of becoming a more inclusive, informed, engaged and alert leader in the various roles that I have the opportunity to serve in.”

Although the beginning stages are still in motion, Hornsby expressed her excitement for the upcoming project.

“I am extremely excited to work on a project that will benefit all of the University of Louisiana System institutions,” said Hornsby.