The worst year is finally over: Hello 2021


If there is anything that the world could ever agree on together, it is one thing: 2020 takes the cake as one of the worst years to experience.

It was the year of a global pandemic, social inequality, riots, deaths of those we idolized, hurricane after hurricane, and so much more. For half of the year, it was no longer going to a campus I loved being at, all of my time and efforts in organizations being put on hold and having to adjust to a new way of working and learning as I found myself becoming stir crazy at home.

Consequently, many things were canceled and many people fell sick in my life. It was a wake up call for someone who went about her everyday life taking what I had, and the people around me, for granted. Although it will forever be something to remember, it is over and done with and I am more than ready to move on from the past.

I plan to do this by first making sure a day doesn’t go by wasted. Even if all I feel like is sitting at home watching Netfilix, something as little as taking a walk to reflect on my week would be purposeful. There were so many days during quarantine where I just felt stuck, as if I was living the same day over and over- as morbid as that sounds. It was making sure to call up a friend or go visit my favorite coffee shop that really got me out of those funks during that time.

What brings purpose to my life is also having new experiences. I want to travel and see things I haven’t ever seen before. Being exposed to a new culture is something that everyone should experience in their lives. I feel that this is essential in growing as a person by stepping out of my comfort zone and learning new things I wouldn’t have at home otherwise.

Doing what I love to do everyday brings me purpose as well. In 2021 I want to take more time to read, exercise and grow my photography skills. In quarantine I was able to focus on things I haven’t been able to do such as painting, and it felt like a luxury to do so instead of exerting myself in the busy world around me. Each month I plan to try something new that brings me joy.

Practicing gratitude was never something that I did before 2021. I felt thankful at times, but I never really knew the extent of how privileged I had it until 2020 broke so many of those around me.

I bought a journal at the beginning of January specifically for writing about what I am thankful for the day. In the morning or night I’ll note three different things I am thankful for, whether it’s a person in my life or an opportunity that falls into my lap. It may seem so simple, but I feel that actually saying “thank you” to people more can make a huge difference in someone’s life. My parents for instance, I’m aware I don’t say those two words enough. Being more present in the moment is also a factor of gratitude that I want to consider, instead of being so absorbed into my phone all of the time.

Every year up until 2021 I had the typical goals of “this year I will eat healthier” or “this year I will save more money” but I couldn’t set any more goals that didn’t actually bring meaning to my life, not after what we went through in 2020.

2021 will be the year for new beginnings.